Monday, November 03, 2008

Mini Stockings for some of our brave troops!

'Julie from Minnesota' has this fabulous idea for making mini-stockings with candy and gum in them to send to our troops. She gave me permission to post this message that was posted on I know so many of you love to knit and you love our brave troops, so let's rally around Julie and our troops and make some stockings for them!

"I am trying to get 850 mini socks knitted up to send to a group of men that go out and neutralize the IED’s before any of the other soldiers and stuff go through. They are brave courageous men, risking their lives every day to keep other soldiers safe.

Becky Washburn’s son Peter is their Chaplain and has told his mother that 1/2 of his men get nothing in the mail from home. Becky came up with the idea to knit mini Christmas socks and fill them with candy and gum.

So I am putting out a plea to help us knit 850 socks by Nov 30th. Here is the pattern for the mini sock. It is VERY simple to knit:) you don’t even have to know how to knit socks:)

They can be any yarn and any color you want:) just so they are at least 4” from top to bottom.

PLEASE if anyone can help I know the troops would love it."

For a mailing address and more info if you need it, you can email Julie here!

I really hope we can rally around and get hundreds of little stocking made! I can post photos on here too if you want to email those to me via bevqual at yahoo dot com




Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting this on your blog:) I'm getting responses from your fans :)

You are truly a angel:):)
Thank you

bevq said...

I just finished my 1st stocking, and I am not entirely thrilled with it, as I am not the best at sewing up the seam, but it's cute.

Glad to help our troops!!!


Jan in CA said...

I am also have a pattern that I designed just for this project.

I don't remember the html for anymore so copy and paste. I'm glad there are more to help now!