Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Welcome Owen!

Here are the little 'scratch mitts' in case you need to make a few pairs! :)

Welcome to the world little Owen!

Mike came to pick me up from BYU Women's Conference on Friday May 1st, and while we were driving up to visit our son Chris and his wife Danielle, she went into labor! Owen Heath Qualheim was born May 2, 2009 and is healthy and strong. He is totally adorable too! And no, I am not biased at all, even though I am his granny!

Here is his handsome daddy Christopher, and little Owen who is just adorable! I couldn't get enough of his tiny, newborn sweetness. He definitely arrived "trailing clouds of glory" from heaven.

And here he is with Danielle his beautiful mama. Yes, this was taken a few hours after she gave birth! I sure didn't look like that after I had my babies. :)

I am still feeling so blessed to have been nearby when Owen was born, so we could see him right away. What a 'tender mercy' from the Lord for both Mike and me.

And Grandma loves you little one.

So does Grandpa! It was really great to see him with this little boy. I was so out-of-it after I had my babies that I don't remember much of Mike just soaking up that newborn essence. Love you Mike!! You are just the best dad and grandpa.

And one last one with his eyes open, laying on his 'Boppy'!

HUG the ones you love!!



Gloria said...

Congrats Grandma...he is beautiful! How much did he weigh?

Mimi said...

How wonderful!!! He is beautiful.

Glasgow Lindsay said...

Congratulations! When I stopped by the other day your son/daugher-in-law's birth counter said 1 day so I new it must be soon. What a beauty he is! It is so lovely that you and your husband were able to be with him so soon. Enjoy!

Crochet Princess Beth said...

He is such a cutie! Congrats to everyone! Thanks for sharing the baby scratch mitts!

Sabra said...

How wonderful! I've been checking hoping to see a birth announcment.

HAINAngel2000 said...

Oh Bev I bet you couldn't be more proud. The picture of you and Owen is just adorable!! LOVE IT! And your daughter is beautiful too!

min said...

neat!! My birthday's on May 2nd too!