Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mom's Day!

My mother died 27 years ago, when I was a young mom. So I can't wish her a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow. I hope by the way I conduct my life, by the way I am raising and loving my children and grandchildren, that I honor her memory and bring her much joy in Heaven. I love you mom...

All women are 'Mothers' whether or not we give birth to, or are privileged to raise a child.
We nurture many.
We tend to needs that no one else can tend to.
We embrace little ones who are crying.
We tie shoelaces, and wipe runny noses.
'Boo-boos' require a kiss from us.
We mend hearts with a word.
We lift burdened minds with a smile.
Little birds are fed by us.
Flowers are watered by us, and blossom.
Songs sung by us fill the air with joy.
The world is a better place, because there are women in it.
We are all 'Mothers'.

So many mom need your talents to help lift them and bring them joy. Please find a hospital near you this week who can use handmade hats, booties, blankets, sweaters and so forth.

Here are many patterns for you and your friends to make to help those little ones start out life right.

Hug the ones you love, and if your mom is still with you, make sure she is ok. Speak kind words to her tomorrow and always.


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Corene said...

Very touching, thanks for sharing