Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Taking orders day today!!

When I was walking yesterday AM I found some wonderful pebbles for my pebble pouches, and realized it's been a while since I had any orders for them.
I am not going to have a lot of time coming up starting next week, as school starts on the 30th, and I work a lot more once school gets rolling. SO...

For anyone who would like to place their order now, I will be working on some pouches this week and weekend and I would be happy to fill your orders.

Remember these make a wonderful gift to have on hand for the Holidays, as a special favor or Thank you for someone who has been extra kind to you, or for yourself.
I have been receiving wonderful feedback from people who just take their pebbles and pouch everywhere to help them remember their blessings in this world.

Each one is hand knitted by me, and they are made with a lot of love and attention to detail; even the pebbles are hand chosen and not all I find will do, I am really picky cos I want them to be just right.

For more info go here and place your order today:

If you have specific colors you would like included, I can try to do that for you, and if this is for a man, let me know and I will send more manly colors. :)



Patty Ann said...

What a great idea! Sometimes we all need a little something to help us remember how many blessings we really have!

bevq said...

Each purchase helps me to pay the bills so I can keep doing my website, blog and so forth. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev!
I love this idea. It's so cute!

Question for you.

Is there anyway you can tell me what multiples you use for the baby afghan you have on your old site? I have a friend who wants me to make her the same style but in a adult throw size. I know it's chain 152 for the baby size, but I can't figure out the multiples to makes it bigger. doubling it would be HUGE and 304 chains.

bevq said...

Do you mean on my current website, and not this blog that I hardly ever update?? ;)

I don't know the multiples. I just chain enough till it looks big enough or small enough, and then if there are extras I remove them.
If there are not enough, I rip it up and add more next time. Not en exact science for me, sorry.