Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!! 2011

Make this a beautiful year of helping others!!

Start the new year off right by making a few of these baby headbands for baby showers or to your local hospitals to give to the new mamas of little girls.

You will need a few yards of baby yarn in 2 colors if you want to add a flower, and a size G hook.
Chain 6
1) Sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across. (5 sc)
2) Sc in 2nd sc from hook (back loops only) and in each sc across. (5 sc)
3-10" ) Repeat row 2 till desired length. End off, and whip stitch the 1st row and last row together to form the headband. (remember that headband will stretch and you want it a bit smaller than actual headsize so it will stay on.)

Use another color, chain 7, join with slip stitch.
Chain 10, join with sc inside the loop, repeat at least 6 times to form petals. End off. Use beginning thread and ending thread to tie the flower to the headband.

Larger Headbands
Adjust the size by making a larger starting chain (for the width) and using thicker yarn, but repeat the sc pattern, and make it longer to fit around larger head.

These can be donated, along with other baby and children's items to:

I hope many of you will help me help the little ones in Vegas!



Mama Peck said...

Looks so cute, Bev! And, it would be really soft on baby's head. I wonder how it would work if you crocheted in the back of the stitches for a more ribbed look? Or would that end up too thick? Just a random thought. Love your patterns!

bevq said...

I actually did crochet in the back loops but forgot to post that.

Patty Ann said...

Oh, these are so cute!!

hertel6 said...

Where can I find the pattern for the head bands for babies

bevq said...

The pattern for the headbands is in this post.