Sunday, August 05, 2012

How many mittens?

Good Sabbath Day morning to one and all!
For those of you who signed on to make mittens for your local charites in our Mitt-athon, how many of you have send me your numbers made so far?

I am keeping a tally going on that page :)  And we are up to 76 pairs made so far, but it's the same handful of people reporting, so I am guessing there are many more lovely mittens that have been made but not reported. :)

Please let me know today how many you have made.

There is a link on the mitt-athon page to email me or you can directly email me (bevqual AT yahoo DOT com) with number's, photos of mittens you have made, or to sign up and help!  All are welcome!
Here's that page:

Happy Sunday to one and all!

And never forget that 'Families are forever' :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I have been making your mittens pattern for the Bundles of Joy group's (on ravelry)preschool drive for Pine Ridge Reservation. :) This is such a great pattern! Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been crocheting your mittens for a preschool drive through the Bundles Of Joy group.(on ravelry) This pattern is great! Thank you! :)


Shari said...

I have been making these same mittens for about 17 yrs now and go back to them every time instead of another pattern. Love them

bevq said...

My original mitten pattern - the larger ones, was created way back in 1981 when my eldest was a baby. I saw some mittens for kids like this somewhere, and I came up with a pattern that would fit my Uncle Fred.

Then I just started making them different size with thumbs, without... didn't really write them down for a while though. Glad you like making them as much as I do. :) Easy to memorize or figure out as you go :)