Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama obama obama

Now that I have your attention...

Ok- to America's mainstream media. We know who you want re-elected-- for what reason I have no clue, as he has been punishing the majority of us for 4 rotten years... but we know who you support!

Once and for all....Romney totally respects women!  He cares, he wants us to have jobs if we want them.  He wants to get this country moving again so there ARE jobs.  Remember those?  Something most of us had before Obama was elected. 

Now ladies... think about Obama's main push to women in his ads...  think about it!  For some really strange reason, your beloved Obama and his crew think women only want birth control, and abortions- that's the platform they are desperately pushing to women.  Really, does that tell you how he thinks about women in general?  That is disgusting!!!!!

WE want JOBS!!! We want our husbands to have JOBS!  We want this country to get back to our Constitution!  We want our children and grandchildren to have a chance to live well. 

Want we don't want is 4 more years of NOTHING but taking away our freedoms, and our money and our jobs.  Don't tell me 'but Obama created so many jobs'... that is a myth, because you cannot count job gains when 5 people lost their jobs for every one job that was created.  It doesn't work that way.

So, at the debate, Romney mentioned... "Binders of women"-- Ok- media neanderthals of America... he meant binders of women's RESUMES to read through as he was trying to hire more women. I don't know of one office looking to hire people, who can just pull names out of a hat to hire them?  Of course, Romney used a binder--or now people use computers and files, but they still look up people to hire. 

Did you not listen to him? Oh that's right, you only hear what you want to, and you try to make ALL intelligent women feel like scum if they support Mitt Romney. TOO BAD!!! Nov 6th is coming baby!   Why are you not interested in looking into all the LIES your 'beloved' Obama uttered at the debate?  Come on!  I guess there are still enough people out there watching your shows, that you think will swallow all this bilge.  You may be turning them over to Romney you know?  America in general is NOT stupid!  

PLEASE anyone reading this GET OUT AND VOTE!  And please think about what YOU want in the next 4 years. 
Do you really want 4 more years of going downhill? 

Or do you want someone who has worked for decades in real jobs, who has created jobs, who knows how to make businesses successful, who knows how to get something like the Olympics completely out of debt and totally turned around, someone who desperately cares about people, and family, and God?

I know what I want and I am voting for Mitt Romney!

 Hug the ones you love, Bev


Nancy said...

BRAVO!!! Thank you for saying what most intelligent women are thinking.

bevq said...

Feel free to share it Nancy! I wish all intelligent women would shout this from the rooftops. I am so tired of the lies.
Obama outright lied through his teeth in front of everyone, at this last debate. He did not come out and say the murders of our people were an act of terrorists.

He just didn't! In fact, if you listen to the recordings of him surrounded by his fanclub on the View days later he was saying it was still under investigation!

His 'people' were saying over and over, in fact, HE said in front of the UN that it was because of some stupid anti- Muslim movie. He is so used to lying and getting away with it that he can't speak the truth anymore.

Anonymous said...

let me see...where to start. I have no doubt the Mitt Romney respects women but he does not support women's reproductive rights & that's what all of the contraception talk was about.

And just so you know, it wasn't Obama who destroyed the economy, he's the one who's trying to fix it!! It's just that the economy was in such bad shape, it takes awhile to get out of something that bad.

And no, Obama does not believe women only want abortions & contraceptives, that's not only small minded, it's insulting to women! He knows women have many interests, including the economy, jobs, their families, their faiths among other things.

And yes, we all knew when Mitt said 'binders full of women', we knew he meant resumes!! Did you really think we thought he had women physically trapped within a 4 - 6 inch binder? How ridiculous!

I know you have to approve this message, Bev & you probably won't approve it since I don't agree with you.

Anyway, have a nice life & I will pray that you find a miracle & come to see the truth about Obama...


Mary-Beth said...

I beg to differ, Bev. I am from Massachusetts and know a little about the real Mitt Romney. His experience in the real world left my state 47th in the nation for job creation. I do not believe that the President lied, but I know that Mitt Romney has continued to lie and flip flop throughout the campaign. In fact, a non-partisan women's group from Massachusetts disputed your candidate's comments. I respect your opinions, but I am terrified, yes....absolutely terrified of a President Romney. I am educated, well read and well traveled. I could never as a woman or as a mother vote for Mr. Romney. It is really interesting that Mitt had binders of resumes while Barack had the Lilly Ledbetter Act. Additionally, as a woman, I am thrilled that women can now get preventative care that their insurance companies must now pay for. From the bottom of my heart, I do not believe that Mitt Romney is a good human being. My family, friends and I will be voting proudly for President Barack Obama. Finally, let me assure you that I am indeed an intelligent woman and surround myself with bright, strong, wonderful women from all walks of life, and not a one would consider a vote for Romney a vote for women.

bevq said...

I find the differing points of view very interesting. Thanks for posting them. Thanks for reading my blog.

I hope everyone who CAN vote, who is legal to vote, WILL get out there and use that right in a few weeks.

One thing we are likely to agree on is that soon all those phone calls pushing one candidate, local ones too, will cease! :)

We may not see eye to eye on politics, but you posted kindly and politely. I did get a liberal response once to a political opinion on here, and the language and the personal insulting attack used in the post made it so there was no way I could approve it. So I appreciate your responses.
Have a great evening!

sand said...

I echo Nancy...As well, I believe people are not having or taking the time to educate themselves on what is going on. Wding through the muddy press can be exhausting.
My own mother thought Romney seemed disrespectful to the "president." Are you kidding me? This election is important, and there is one clear choice...Mitt Romney!!!!!

Sand said...

Let's see... The issue is NOT about contraceptives. I bet I am older than most anyone on this blog and can still remember the fervor over The Feminie Mystique. The issue, rather, is about freedom of religion. The federal government should NOT EVER be in the business of using tax payer money to fund contraceptives or anything else a church believes is against their doctrine. Period. Otherwise, the church has NO FREEDOMS to stand on its convictions. Concerning the record, Obama's record on women who actually work is abysmal compared to Romney's record on treatment of women. Period.

Mary-Beth said...

He was disrespectful to the President. There was no question. I could not stomach President Bush and had in fact met him on two different occasions. I never once spoke about him in the way that I hear Obama bashers speaking because I have enough respect for the office of the President. I am sorry but the issue is about FAR more than freedom of religion. The issue you mention is a tiny part of an overall picture. First of all, I believe, with all my heart, in the separation of church and state. I feel that it is high time that churches are taxed. I am sorry if offend anyone, but it is OUTRAGEOUS to me that Romney can say how he donated such huge amounts to charity when so much of that went to his church. In turn, millions of that were spent on a war of hate on the gay and lesbian community of California. That is simply wrong. Secondly, as a former citizen of Massachusetts where I was born and raised, I can tell you that the Romneys are completely and totally out of touch with the middle class. To sit on a television show and to equate a mission in France with service in Vietnam is deplorable. I was actually offended. Finally, I believe that Mitt Romney is pro-birth, not pro-life. Someone who is pro-life does not take away a social floor from the poor or defund educational opportunities. If he had ever had to suffer the heartache of having a hungry child or the inability to pay a medical bill....maybe he could understand.
I am literally losing sleep over the thought of having this man at the head of our country.

bevq said...

We see this picture differently. And I respect your right to see it that way, but I do want to tell what really happens with tithing and other Church donations.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the money we donate in tithing is used to build our chapels, run the chapels, Temples, purchase books and such for all the members, tithing money runs the programs of the Church, such as Seminary and Institute, to teach our youth. I know because I work for a Seminary and I am responsible for careful spending of our monies.

In addition we also fast for 24 hours, once a month, and donate money that we would have spent on meals. This money is used to help those in need worldwide.

To state that any tithing money was used to spread hate for gay people is not accurate.
First, we do NOT hate gays.

We do believe in marriage being only between a man and a woman. Members donated on their own to try and preserve the sacred nature of marriage.

No tithing money was used to support Prop 8.

It always amazes me how the Mormon Church is the main 'criminal', hater' homophobe in so many eyes, when actually there were MANY churches who fought just as hard if not harder hard on the Prop 8 issue. Southern Baptists, Muslims, Catholics and more were involved in fighting to preserve marriage between and a man and a woman. BUT-- it seems to be fine to slam Mormons again.

Our missionaries bring great happiness to people. I know, I was taught by them and am a convert. They changed my life.

I feel it's not going to matter really what I say here, but I do want to clear the record for those who come to read this.


Mary-Beth said...

I am very sorry, but I have seen different facts than you have posted here. I also have to tell you that it is not the right of anyone to deny another's rights. It is not up to ANY church to try to legislate such things. It is becoming more and more apparent that finally DOMA will be struck down as unconstitutional. I have been married to the same man for nearly 27 years, and same sex marriage certainly does not affect us in anyway, but I firmly believe that when equality is denied to one, it is denied to all. The Bible does not and should not be the document by which this country is ruled. If someone does not personally believe in gay marriage then they should not marry a gay person. They should not impose their personal beliefs on an entire country. I am so very proud that our President stood for equality for ALL. My only complaint would be that he should have done it sooner. I am fully aware that the Mormon church was only one of the many that supported an agenda of hate, but I was specifically talking about a candidate who is a member of the Mormon church and who has been lauded as a very charitable man. My idea of charity is not contributing to the building of stunning buildings (one of the major reasons that I left the Catholic church after visiting Rome. I am pleased that the missionaries brought you joy, but to equate it with fighting in the jungles of Vietnam is offensive. The work that you do by providing some warmth and comfort to the homeless and sick mean more to me than the millions that Mitt gives. You have always made it clear that your family struggles at times, and yet, you still go out of your way to give. I find that the true meaning of charity. It is beautiful. You touch lives in a very real way. Thank you for that.

Sand said...

Obama actually stands for nothing, but what serves his own agenda. This is not emotional. States rights versus federal government and size of government. Freedom? Were some to have their way, a church could not freely practice its right to believe as it wants and to use its money in the way it wants unless the "state" agrees. What is missed here is that personal attacks with emotionally charged language are more readily made on conservatives with no regard for what is factual. No one is advocating throwing impoverished young people, old people or middle of the road people to the wolves. No one. However, Obama's policies have no efficacy. The notion that his agenda will benefit anyone but the wealthy is actually more on target. Finally, society needs to look to its morality in terms odf doing for others and stop deifying the state. Don't misunderstand, my mother thought Romney was rude, HOWEVER, she went on to say that it's a shame. Had he not been, (I'll call it assertive), he would not have looked presidential and he would not have been allowed to make his points. He was given almost three minutes less of talking time, and was interrupted twenty-something times to Obam,a's nine. Presdiential? What about the left's calling Laura Ingraham a c word or the Eva Longoria's. Their talk is not denounced, yet the word binder is used as a distraction. Obama hobnobs with those who continue a lifestyle denegrating to women. Facts are on the side of the right. Young people with hearts typically are liberal, just as typically they think their parents no nothing. Whewn they grow up, they realize that time worn systems are there for a reason. I have lived in all over. Time tested themes of Animal Farm definitely have applicability here. ( In a hurry, no time to edit! sorry...)

Mary-Beth said...

Have you not seen the vicious attacks on Obama? Just the other day, there was a poster featuring a noose with the words, "Hang in there, Mr. Obama," or how about "put the white back in house." I have never heard that kind of language spoken about conservatives I have never heard such disregard for the truth as I have from the folks who follow Fox News.How about the Republican Leaders saying boldly and proudly that their whole mission was to insure that Obama did not get a second term, and you wonder why nothing has changed. Today I spent my day working at a yard sale to benefit Aid for AIDS of Nevada. There was no talk of politics until an older woman starting to tell us how horrible Obama is and that nothing has gotten better. We kind of just smiled at her and let her talk. Then, she decided to tell us that "OBama is a Muslim, you know, and Muslims hate us all and want to destroy us." Well, then I was mad. First off, he is not a Muslim. Second, who cares if he is a Muslim and Third, how dare she? She was standing in a home that my husband owns and had graciously donated to collect goods, store them and to then host the sale...and guess what...he is a Muslim. This is the kind of lies that are being spread by the Right. As for Church rights, once they start paying taxes, I will be far more sympathetic to their woes of not being able to do things their way. I am not asking the State to take care of anyone, but I am indeed asking the Federal Government to provide the same social floor that almost every civilized nation has. So many people are falling through the cracks. Obama care is indeed helping the poor and middle class. Insurance companies are now being required to cover preventative care for women that SAVES lives. College aged children are being covered, and those with pre-existing conditions can't be turned away. I will GLADLY pay more taxes to care for my fellow citizens, but if not, then I respectfully ask that every penny of my tax dollars that went to unjust, unethical, illegal war be returned to me. "Living in a community means being interconnected in myriad ways — including by empathy. To feel undiminished by the deaths of those around us isn’t heroic Ayn Rand individualism. It’s sociopathic. Compassion isn’t a sign of weakness, but of civilization." make no mistake about it people are dying around us because they have no access to affordable healthcare. I have never asked for anything from anything and have built a beautiful life through my hard work, but I also know that I was born into a upper middle class family that valued education and taught me to whom much is given, much is expected. I was given so many more advantages. How do you expect someone who is born into poverty to ever get out in the environment that Mitt Romney will create. He finds no problem with the comparability small tax rate that he pays. I pay higher than he does, and I can assure you that I am not a multi-millionaire I know that healthcare is perhaps the greatest issue of my life. My respect for the President is based on loyalty to my fellow Americans- many of whom need a hand up. I see a compassion in Obama that I can never find in Romney. He is out of touch, insensitive, unskilled in foreign affairs and much too indebted to the rich of this country. There is something about him that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I know my facts and take great pains to check and double check the information that is out there. They all have exaggerated, misspoke and fudged the truth. Mitt Romney has lied. While I was watching the first debate, I heard him say that he would not cut taxes, yet at the same time, I was looking at his very own website that said he would. He seems almost pathological. Again, I am truly not sleeping at night worrying that this man will be elected. I wish you all the best, but I do hope that you will see the truth. By the way, you talk about Obama's agenda like Mitt Romney does not have an agenda of his own.

bevq said...

We will need to agree to disagree on this one. We see truth differently.

We each see the candidates from totally different perspectives and we will never be able to convince the other to change that view.

I don't get into arguments so I am moving on....

Mary-Beth said...

That seems like a good idea Bev. I apologize,, but I am very passionate about my beliefs. By the way, The Salt Lake Tribune endorsed Obama and Mitt is having terrible results in the very state that he governed. Very telling. Best to you.

Sand said...

By the way, I am very ill myself and you can't school me on healthcare. I just absolutely disagree.

Sand said...

You are inspiring, and your blog is appreciated. Moving on is good, too. :)

bevq said...

Yeah- really not a surprise since the SL Tribune is NOT a Mormon publication, in fact they tend to be anti-Mormon and very secular/worldly in their opinions.

Salt Lake may be the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but it is not predominantly LDS anymore.

And MA-- not exactly a Republican state anyhow...

May we all pray for this country to be united again... I feel like has been such a divisive 4 years... in so many ways. People have been at each others throats.

Time for this election to be done, and for us to get back to stop looking at people's religion, or color or lack of color or political persuasion or whatever.

We are all actual spiritual children of our Heavenly Father... that is a fact. I am sure all He really cares about is that we care for each other again; that we reach out to one another in love and help wherever we can.

Good night.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Sand-- I accidently hit the wrong button and I think I deleted this one:

Sand has left a new comment on your post "Obama obama obama":

I have many muslim friends as well as friends of other faiths. I love all people as God's people, His creation. My view of government is much more in line with our founding fathers. Discussing sound bytes, out of context, and not part of the big picture can border on becoming a silly contest. I truly believe the facts reveal corruption on the Obama administration as well as a view of America that is antithetical to that upon which it was founded. Fox news at least provides alternative view points, but petsonally, I rely on ten or more different newspapers, books, as well as many outlets. As Tom Brokaw recently said, we all have to work to get the whole story. I think we just need to agree to disagree and wish each other and our country God's blessings!

Susanne said...

No offense Bev, I love your blog and enjoy coming here to visit, this is not a personal attack on you....but I would say a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth has no clue as to what the middle class has to deal with. Life hasn't been treating Mitt Romney too badly these past 4 years, in fact I would say that making 20 million in capital gains is not too shabby, and paying only 14% is an insult to the laborer who pays more than double that amount. Sitting safely in France as a missionary is a joke, especially when you say you were "too important" to be in the service (another insult to the veteran). Maybe one of his 5 sons will enlist, huh? I see no bragging rights for being 47th state while he was governor of Massachusetts. That is a joke as well....we do have 50 states, and that kinda puts them way to the bottom. Obama has been made to look bad from the start. Congress did a splendid job of that. He still has my vote and that of my family.

bevq said...

I am not going to try to convince any Obama supporters that his policies just don't work. If you are not living in this disaster, then good for you. If you haven't lost your job, had trouble finding one in the past 3 years then great! I am happy for you. Good for you and yours, and all your friends who must be doing GREAT for you to even consider voting for Obama...

I do want to state that I have sent 3 sons on LDS missions, and they do NOT sit safely!!!!!!!!!!!! LDS missions are hard. I have friends whose son had a gun put to his head while serving in S. Africa! One of my sons had his life threatened in Finland. My son serving in AMERICA, (where there is still so much hatred for Mormons it's pathetic) had a full 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew thrown at, and hit him in the back of his head!!

LDS missionaries serve the Lord, and they work their buns off from 6am till 10 pm every single day for 2 years at their own expense!

Romney never said he was too imnportant to serve in the military-- NEVER! No one who is LDS would say they were too important for the military-- that is a boldfaced lie perpetuated by the liberal left who wants this country to be run by the government.

That is all I am going to say on this -- in fact, if anyone else posts on here for either candidate, I am not going to approve them. SORRY-- we are done with this discussion. I aimed it at the left wing, socialist, liberal MEDIA, not at Obama supporters, who are immediately running to 'save' Obama...

All done... I do appreciate the posts though- very interesting to read.
Signing out
Bev :)

Barbara Courtney said...

So sorry that some of you still do not see what Obama has done to this country. You are certainly free to speak about Romney as you wish,just as we are free to speak about Obama. I am tired of hearing about giving him respect. You earn that from people. He has not earned mine. I research the issues and when I hear something like the Lilly Ledbetter Act I look it up. She lost her case in the Supreme Court and then Obama overturned that decision for this act. Now is that what you want. We have higher courts for our protection.

I am also tired of hearing about the contraceptive issue. I am appalled that the government can come in and tell employers what they should provide even though it is against their beliefs.

And the gay issue, why should they be married. The breakdown of the family is an issue here. It is part of the Communist Agenda in the 60's. Those of you who are not familiar with this should research it.

Totally overwhelmed by the debt and what this Obamacare is going to do to our nation. I am already affected by it and it hasn't even been implemented yet!

And Mary-Beth, sorry that you had to leave the Catholic Faith because you went to Rome. Most people see Rome in a different light that you. If beautiful buildings and cathedrals, historic statues and museums filled with costly items turn you off, don't visit Washington, D.C. Those things there didn't appear by themselves. Yours or other taxpayer dollars paid for them.

I have voted and voted for Mitt Romney. He may not be the best person for the job but he is a lot better than the one we have.

bevq said...

I published this last comment so she had a chance to rebuttle was was said about her post.

Happy voting all!

JNG said...
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