Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hug Shawls for the elderly

Good Sabbath Day morning to you!
It is cold even here in the desert, and the elderly or ill feel the cold so much more.  How lovely it would be if you could crochet a few of these for a nursing home, or perhaps for an elderly neighbor.  I have made them for those who are ill, or have lost loved ones too.

We learned to make these at the BYU Women's Conference a couple of years ago.  They are pretty easy if you know basic crochet stitches, as well as quick to crochet.  You can make one in a couple of evenings as you sit and watch TV.  I love to use Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn" as one 7 oz skein makes one shawl, you might need a 2nd skein if you want to make it longer.  So for about $4 you can warm someone's world for years to come.

HUG the ones you love today!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, I love your hug shawl for the elderly, beautiful. I do need some help, I want to knit some bed socks for our local nursing home residents, I found your lovely pattern but can't get the right tension as I am in Sydney Australia and our needle gauge seems to be different. I am using 8ply wool knitting one strand, tried size 4 (metric) needles but they make the bed sock far to small, any idea what size needle I could use. Hope you can help.

bevq said...

Hi Christine!
I looked up, and added the metric equivalent, to the pattern:

3 oz Worsted Weight Yarn (10 ply)
Size 9 (5.5 mm) or 10 (6 mm) straight needles

That would be why your bedsocks turned out to be for little kids! :)

Pegster said...

I would like to ask a question about one of your crochet patterns. How do I get in touch with you? My email address is

bevq said...

people can contact me either via my website--there are links under my name on many pages, or:

bevq AT bevscountrycottage DOT com

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev,
While I do appreciate your free crochet and knitting patters I feel you should know that some of your links contain malware. Fortunately my computer warned me of the danger, but many people won't know until they have the virus.
I don't know anything about running a web page such as yours... but I do think that someone should be responsible for the safety of the information being offered to the public.
Please check the pattern named 'Abigail Newborn Bonnet'

bevq said...

Hi Anonymous,
I appreciate your letting me know about the Abigail Bonnet. I've found an archived copy of that pattern and updated the link on 2 pages of my site.
I always appreciate people telling me of a specific pattern link that no longer works and the page where they found it.
I work 3 part time jobs so we can pay the bills so updating isn't done as often as I want to do it.

I take one page at a time, and click on each link, then search the site for those that are saved there and I update each link by hand... there are over 1000 pages, including my own personal patterns actually on my site, so you can imagine it's quite an adventure keeping up! :)

Have a fantastic day today and thanks again. :)

Evelyn said...

I noticed on your pattern for the hug-shawl that some nursing homes don't allow buttons or ties on these. I wondered how sew on velcro patches would work. Any thoughts on this?

bevq said...

Hi Evelyn
I read through the pattern several times and I don't see where it says no ties or buttons. Are you sure that was on my site? on that pattern?

Velcro unless it's extremely soft velcro would not be a good choice. I really think if they don't want ties, then buttons might work better, or maybe snaps? Or perhaps short ties with ribbon?