Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's definitely SUMMER and LILY!

Good Saturday morning!
Why the photo of squares??  Read on...
So how are all of you holding up in this excessive heat?  It's been quite the summer here in Southern Nevada... we have had days and days, weeks actually of temps in the 110f+ range.  I know, it's a 'dry heat'.  Technically though, it's HOT!

These are the days when I stay indoors and don't venture out unless I need to for work or to get the mail.  

Yesterday was CRAFTING ANGELS, which is of course a GREAT thing and definitely worth going outside to get there... it helped that I had a couple of hours of work to do before CA too. :)   Anyhow, we had several ladies show up yesterday and I taught 2 of them how to knit a basic 8" square.  We are making those to mail to Turkey to a gal there who assembles them into blankets for Syrian refugees.

If any of you would like to help please do-- one thing though, please don't send the squares to me first, as they need to be mailed to Turkey, and I am not certain how I am going to raise the postage money as it is to send our local squares but I am going to do that.  Thinking of asking each person who makes squares here to donate a dollar or two towards the postage. 

You can find info about the project here:

or on their Facebook page

Here is their mailing addy:
Dianne Jones - Founder of  'Lily'- Love In the Language of Yarn.
Address - 'LILY' C/O Dianne Jones
                   Türkmen Mahlesi
                    Ünlü sokak No 10 D4
BE CERTAIN to check the 'GIFT/DONATION' spot on the sheet they attach to your packages.  AND write on there that this is a 'knitted donation - no cost".
You can crochet or knit the 8" squares with any warm patterns you would like, but here is what I taught the ladies to knit yesterday:

Bev's LILY square
Size 8 (US) knitting needles
1.5 oz of Worsted weight yarn like Red Heart Super Saver--your choice of color (an ounce and a half will make a square, but you can change colors and mix it up)
Cast on 33-35 (depends how tightly you knit)  I recommend starting with 35 sts, knit 2 rows and measure how big it is.  Please make them as close to 8" as you can.
Knit each row until you have an 8" square. 
Cast off leaving a 36" tail.

Their goal is 128,000 squares-- and as of today they have just over 4,000.  I am thinking each person reading this who knits or crochets can make 5 squares and mail them to Turkey fairly reasonably.  If you get together with friends and each helps pay some for postage you can mail even more!

This makes a terrific traveling pattern to take along in your purse.  We are planning our (what seems to be) annual trip to California and Disneyland and the beach soon and I will be taking some small balls of yarn and my number 8 needles along!  I am thinking of making some like I make dishcloths only without the holes.  

Another Cloth for LILY
copyright Bev Qualheim 1989
Photo by
Michelle Bowden

These are made corner to corner
Size 8 knitting needles 1.5 oz of Worsted weight yarn like Red Heart Super Saver--your choice of color
  • Cast on 3 stitches.
  • Row 1: Knit across row.
  • Row 2 Increase one stitch and then finish knitting across row. Repeat this row till the sides measure 8"
  • Decrease rows-- each row: K to last 2 sts; k 2 together to decrease until you have 4 sts left, then cast off.

Repeat Row 3 till you are back down to 3 sts again. Cast off. Use a small crochet hook or a needle to weave in loose ends.


I got to sing at my niece Janna's wedding in June and I got to meet my newest grandson Mikey... he is adorable and I am not biased ok?

Look at this face--- come on--he loves Auntie Lynn's cookies!


Well, have a terrific week, stay cool, and help others every single day!!
(Hug the ones you love too!)



Dianne Jones said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word! Come September when the nights start to become cooler the children living in tents in the refugee camps will need these blankets.

bevq said...

My heart aches for these little ones. My heart aches for any little ones who might be suffering from cold, or hunger or lack of love or any other tragedy.

I just wish I was a millionaire so I could send big boxes of blankets, hats, scarves, mittens, squares etc etc.

Hopefully with thousands of us helping a bit, those little refugees will be warm and more comfortable. ♥

Tami said...

Bev, Thank you for all you do for those in need. The corner to corner knitted dishcloth, when you make two the same size and you crochet them together around the outside make a very good potholder.