Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bev's Pattern Booklet!

For those of you who missed coming to my humanitarian booth at the Clark County Fair last weekend... AND missed getting a copy of my 'Bev's Pattern Booklet', not to worry!  I have made it available online now for everyone!

There are 20 reader-favorite knit, crochet and loom knitted patterns in this take-along booklet.  It fits in most purses and in all craft bags!  I asked my readers from my Bevs Country Cottage Facebook page, what patterns they made over and over and would like to have with them when they travel, or are sitting at the doctors office and such.  This booklet is the product of that survey!
You can buy a copy for yourself for just $3! It also contains my hat and blanket size charts for easy reference, hook and needle conversion chart and more! You are going to LOVE IT!! Bev



Donna Carrier said...

Where do I purchase this book? Does it include the baby hat patterns?

bevq said...

It has several baby hat patterns, whatever people said were their faves :) The link is at the bottom of the photo, so it is hard to see: Here you go...


It is #3 and not #2 now as that was for a limited time, but it's still a great bargain! Bev