Tuesday, August 12, 2014

44 fabulous patterns from BEVS

Hope your day is going great!  Mine sure it!  We are picking up our foreign exchange student in a few hours!  Been cleaning my house all morning and it smells great!  Well... on to something you will definitely want to buy for yourself and your crafting friends!  

I have 2 fun pattern booklets for sale filled with readers faves from Bevscountrycottage.

The first one has 20 patterns chosen especially for our humanitarian booth at the Clark Cty NV Fair, by readers like you! The 2nd one features 24 patterns from my site that are loved by many! Patterns in both include, preemie items, mittens for kids, scarves, blankets, sweaters, toys and more!

These booklets are great to either print out for your purse or knitting bag, or you can save them to your phone, ipad etc to take with you!

They are only $3 each and are instant downloads! I love the convenience of always having my fave family and humanitarian patterns when I travel etc.! Hope you do too.



Hug the ones you love today!! ♥


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