Wednesday, September 27, 2006



Anyone joining me in making my BLOGSCARF? Here is the info? I need some of you to work along with me, so I just keep it sitting here not worked on!!

It's VERY simple if you know how to knit at all.

I am using Size 10 wooden knitting needles.
The yarn is well.... whatever I can find in my stash. PLUS, and this is the important part, I am using 1 strand of plain colored sock yarn with a strand of 4 ply worsted weight yarn. I have the same color plain blue sock yarn going through the whole scarf so far, even though the other colors are varied. Makes all the different colored yarns 'tie' together. =)

Using 2 strands of yarn, cast on 25 stitches and knit away till it's the length you want, 4-5 feet long should be good and warm.


All you have to do is grab some of your yarn from your stash and your needles---and you really could use any size, just adjust the number of stitches so it is wide enough.

I have decided I am making it for the Dulaan Project - which you can see in my links to the right too. I finished a pair of crocheted wool mittens the other day, washed them and dried them in the dryer so they 'felted' up a tad and are warm and softer!

So a pair of mitts, a scarf and maybe a hat will all be sent there. Actually maybe even more than that as they look like they could use LOTS of warm clothes for all sizes... I have a sweater on the needles too that needs to be done!

This one was made by one of my Bev's Country Cottage readers,
"Karen "KC"" not by me.

Let's see what we, as readers of Bev's Blog, can do to warm the people of Mongolia!



alice said...

Hi Bev, love your new blog, have it bookmarked under my Favorites and I check it every morning. I'm wondering: do you think you could convert the knitted baby sweater to the big yellow KK loom? I don't knit and maybe I could do the sweater on the loom, would love to be able to make baby sweaters. Thank you, alice

bevq said...

I have not tried to make a sweater on a loom, but I know it is possible. ITA's pattern book and in it has a pattern for a baby sweater made flat but on a loom.

I have a bunch of projects lined up right now but let me see what I can do in the future.


Lulu said...

hi Bev, i have to stick to hats, i just cant do sweaters...too hard for me..
take care,

bevq said...

Actually, the BLOG-SCARF is what I was going to challenge people to make along with me. Not the sweater. But you are welcome to make sweaters if you want. That pattern is really simple - if you can just knit and knit, and add some stitches, and knit some more, you have it. =)


Ladybug Chris said...

Hi Bev, I will join you in the blog-scarf challenge. I will start on Monday. I don't have sock yarn, but I will think of something.


bevq said...

You could use a strand of baby yarn perhaps? Anything to make it a bit cozier.


Jeannette said...

Umm, I didn't see how wide the scarf was supposed to be. I'll make 1 or 2 for your project. Do I mail it to you?

bevq said...

It is size 10 needles and 25 sts which should make it about 7" wide but you are welcome to make scarves any size you want. They will all fit someone in need and keep them warm. =)