Saturday, September 30, 2006

Conference Mittens!


I'm back! I picked up a nasty little cold-thing from my daughter, and have really not felt much like posting on here. Still don't but decided it was time.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is holding its semi-annual General Conference this weekend, and the first couple of sessions were on earlier today. It was wonderful, listening to wise counsel and advice and learning how to become more like the Savior, Jesus Christ, while I crocheted some mittens for needy children. I got 2 pairs finished up last night and today. I used one strand of regular worsted weight yarn leftovers, and 1 strand of plain red sock yarn for extra warmth and they turned out really nice and toasty. One pair was made with pink and the red, and the other was sort of maroony colored with the red. These will be given to LDS Humanitarian to send out where they are most needed.

My daughter was digging through my old cedar chest today, and we found THE hat that started it all!! Seriously, this is the hat that someone knitted for my first premature baby, Shaun, back in 1980! It was placed on his little head in the LaCarosse Lutheran Hospital eds ICU. This little hat brought me hope and really pushed me into making items for other preemies. Notice the pompom is totally ragged and mostly gone now, but it brings back amazing memories for me.

That's how the whole newsletter came about, that I did composed and edited back in the 80's and 90's and then the Country Cottage pages, first on, and then on my own domain

One hat can make ALL the difference and lead 1000's of people to do good in this world. This little hat is proof of that. =) Never underestimate how much good one little act of kindness can do.

We have our living room set up for General Conference, which maybe sounds peculiar, but it's the way the Qualheims are! We have air matresses, sleeping bags, pillows and homemade quilts all over the floor- and I mean ALL OVER. You can't move really. The kids lay there to watch Conference. It's quite cozy. I sit in my recliner, taking notes, and crocheting. I might knit tomorrow.

I am still working on my thoughts for next years Charity Challenge. I was thinking of making a certain number of pairs of mittens for kids. I'd love to make 500 but that is really nuts - it would mean doing almost nothing else but making mittens like I did that year when I made 500 pairs of booties. Mittens however take hours to make, not 20 minutes.

Maybe making 100 pairs of mittens is more reasonable???? I am still thinking about it mind you.

As I was watching Conference, I felt this overwhelming feeling that there will be many more people in need of handmade warm items next year, and I need to really get focused. What a great opportunity we have been given to reach out to others by using our talents for something we LOVE to do - knit, crochet, sew etc. It never ceases to amaze me at the doors that are opened for me in this life. When I was totally bedridden expecting babies, I used the time to learn to read crochet directions and practice doing that. It helped the months pass quickly, well, that's how I remember it looking back 20 years now!

Since the cooler weather, and cold season is coming ever closer, I thought I would share my fave soup to make. It's one my mom used to make but I adapted it a bit. Hope you family love it too!!

Bev's Hamburger Soup
In large pot, brown 1 lb of hamburger meat, drain off any fat.
Add 1 c. chopped onion
1/2 tsp minced garlic
1/2 Tbsp salt
a few shakes of ground pepper
1 beef bouillon cube
1 large chopped tomato
3 large peeled, and cut up potatoes
3 large carrots, peeled and chopped
1 stalk celery, chopped
1 cup frozen peas
Place all the ingredients in the pot with the meat, fill with water to about 1" from the top, and gently cook for a couple of hours. This can also be placed in a crockpot and cooked on medium all day.

Michael will be home later tonight and I can't wait. Wish we were all a bit more healthy, but, hopefully he won't catch it overnight. Well, I have a sinkful of dishes that are calling my name! What a mess... we have not been cleaning too much today like we usually do on Saturdays! Oh well, I have a bit of time before Mike walks in.

Talk to you later!! HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE! and remember Families really can be together forever.

Bev Q



Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say hi. You brought back memories as I used to subscribe to your newsletter back when it came by snail mail and I have stayed with you (though I don't comment much) through Warming Families, Bev's Country Cottage etc. etc. You always make me feel enthused about supporting charities and especially making things for the Humanitarian Center. I am living in the St.George area now and it is easy to drop off things upstairs at D.I. and the ladies there always make me feel so appreciated for my contributions. I know...we don't do it for recognition but they make me feel like whatever I do is wonderful and much needed.

Keep up the good work and although I'm in the background I'm a big fan in all your endeavors.......Ruthie

bevq said...

Oh Ruthie! How wonderful you are still reading my things I write. I remember your name. I feel so honored. THose were wonderful days, typing up so many pages and gluing clipart on the pages. Coming up with new recipes and typing in the all the penpal letters I used to get.

I was a really young mom them and I remember typing with a baby nursing in one arm, and a preschooler coloring at my feet. Now I just have a puppy peeing at my feet at I type somedays!! =)

What a wonderful time I am having on this planet. =)


karen said...

Hi Bev.
Thank you for sharing your blog. And your Country Cottage.
I loved reading that one hat can make a difference. That's so cool. I'd like to make a difference, too. We have a lot and I mean a lot of homeless people in our town and I would love to start making winter hats for them. It gets mighty cold where we are. I need to search out some simple patterns. I'm not very good... Yet!
Have a great day, Bev and thanks again for keeping us 'posted'.