Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Crafting Angels is today!

Good morning!
I am sitting here finishing up one more little newborn vest-shirt for Crafting Angels today. I made 14 of them this month for the newborn kits for UMC. The one I am making this morning is really bright colored using the SImply Soft Brights- Pink and Orange. There are many Mexican families who have babies at UMC and I know these colors go over really well with most of them! I am not Mexican but I love bright colors too!

I do have Mi'kmaq First Nation blood in me and perhaps that's one reason I love those colors?

Just heard this on a BYU show called The Faith and Families Report in which they were talking about how we are all to be good stewards/caretakers of the earth.

"Live Simply so that Others May Simply Live"

Have a great day!

Bev's Country Cottage


Marla said...

Hi Bev-

Sounds really cute!! Those tan and olive skinned babies look so cute in bright and neon colors even though they aren't "babyish"!!

Some of the people I used to work with were married to someone of a different race, most of their kids were Caucasian-African American and these kids, with a variety of skin tones looked so great I remember in the "older kids" neon colors even as babies. They were beautiful children! Then again what child isn't beautiful??

The bright colors would definitely look great on the little mexican babies!!

Josie said...

Bev - Im wondering if you have the newborn vest-shirt pattern on your site somewhere .... I've been looking, but cant find anything that would fit that description - would love to have a copy if you can .... luv your site btw, your such a sweetheart!