Saturday, September 16, 2006

I'm in a Christmassy mood!!!


It is a special day in this home as Mike gets to come home to visit on weekends-- he tells me they have snow in the mountains in Richfield already. Brr-- but I do love snow!

I was over at my friend Ruth's yesterday-- she is my partner for Crafting Angels, and she gave me a bunch of Christmas yarn. It is some brand I had never heard of 'WonderArt' Christmas knitting yarn 100% acrylic. It's not terribly soft. Kind of like Red Heart, so I am hoping it softens up after washing, as I am making it into preemie hats for the UMC county hospital in Vegas. I am setting a goal to get 25 of them knitted.

I will post a pattern when I get one typed up-- it's really easy and done on 4 size 8 double pointed knitting needles. Done in knit 2, purl 2, so it will be stretchy. I have heard from hospitals that they love this pattern type for the babies. I am experimenting with different sizes and the one I am doing right now would fit maybe a 2-3 lb baby. I cast on 36 sts and am doing kn2, p2 for 4" I guess, and this is in the round of course so no seams. Still working on it but here is a photo. IF it softens up and works out, I will post a full pattern and better photo for you, along with the decrease rows.

UPDATE at 9 pm -- I posted the pattern here... with some photos.
Bev's Christmassy Preemie Hat

If any of you have some Christmas yarn (or just Simply Soft red, white, or green colors) and want to help out making hats for preemies from 2 lbs to 5 lbs, you can go to this page for our mailing address for Crafting Angels. THANKS!


They really have to be knitted to make them 'thin' enough and stretchy enough for delicate preemies heads. I just feel like getting a start on Christmassy things right now. I also need to get my kids ornaments made. I make them a new one each year and they each have their own boxes to take with them when they have their own homes and trees. =) I have 6 to make since I now have 6 children with my daughter in law Danielle. I really don't like the DIL term, as I think of her as being one of my daughters, sort of by 'adoption' although it's really by marriage. :)

This year I am going to make them tiny snowmen using the thumb part of the mitten loom. I will post photos and directions when I get one done. Hopefully soon.

Here is another photo of Cookie for you. She gets cuter every day! And has certainly come to life. We even took her for a little walk around the block this morning and she did so well. We only had to carry her a couple of times, otherwise she bounced along merrily on a leash. Good doggie!

Take care all, and HUG the ones you love!


Marla said...

Ummm I think ya missed something Bev- the Crafting Angels page says No longer accepting items mailed to us as of Aug 1 2006 and has no address on it.

Please post the preemie hat pic! I might want to try it if it's easy!

bevq said...

Hi Marla
I think you are seeing an older version of the Crafting Angels page. If you refresh it, or maybe even shut off your computer and turn it back on, you should see the new info.

Since we have not sold our home, I will be here long enough to accept some more items and am keeping my addy up on there.

Hope it works to refresh the page for you.

Marla said...

Hi Bev-

I got it! For some reason when I hit refresh on my browser, cleared my history and the works it brought up the same old page but when I right clicked and hit refresh it gave me the new one.

The preemie hat looks great! Maybe one day I'll get the courage to try dp needles!!