Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday is a PRETZEL day?!

I just had this sudden urge this morning to make soft pretzels with the kids and friends. So they are rising in the oven. I would share the recipe since we combined 2 of them BUT I have no clue if they will be edible! We are now eating them and they're so so--- but they were fun to make!

I also went into my closet today and found a scarf I started months ago and kind of abandoned so I decided it's time to work on it again. I've decided to just put this pattern on my blog so it will be

BEV'S BLOGSCARF!! Go ahead and knit along with me!

It's VERY simple if you know how to knit at all.

I am using Size 10 wooden knitting needles.
The yarn is well.... whatever I can find in my stash. PLUS, and this is the important part, I am using 1 strand of plain colored sock yarn with a strand of 4 ply worsted weight yarn. I have the same color plain blue sock yarn going through the whole scarf so far, even though the other colors are varied. Makes all the different colored yarns 'tie' together. =)

Using 2 strands of yarn, cast on 25 stitches and knit away till it's the length you want, 4-5 feet long should be good and warm.

I am not actually certain who I am making this scarf for right now.
Likely it will be sent along with warm mittens to LDS Humanitarian. I know they have plenty of hats since that is everybody's favorite thing to make these days with those wonderful looms! If you want some free humanitarian patterns there are lots on their official website HERE!

They do need mittens; and well, scarves just kind of go with hats and mittens! I will email one of the ladies at the Humanitarian Center in SLC again and see what current needs are for them and will let you know if you are interested in helping. The items we donate to LDS Humanitarian are sent worldwide after disasters, they are used locally in the SLC area for the homeless, they are shipped through various worldwide relief charities to reach victims.

Tonight we have a womens potluck supper at Church at 5:30pm and then we will watch the General Relief Society Meeting at 7 pm. I am looking forward to that since I have been feeling a bit lonely lately without Mike around. I need adult company! =)

Have a fantastic rest of the day!


The Grand Tetons - July 2005


Anonymous said...

I think you are an amazing woman! I wish I lived in your ward. I think we would be great friends.

I have a question for you .... I can crochet quite well but have never gotten the hang of knitting, do you have any suggestions?

Also, your photography is excellent!


bevq said...

Hi Alyssa
It would be fun to have you in our ward! We need more crafters for Crafting Angels!! =)

Knitting-- I was blessed as a 7 year old little girl to be taught by our babysitter Mrs Plesner. I have links to many tutorials on this page if that helps: