Friday, September 08, 2006

'Tis Friday!

Here is that pattern for a fall hat I have been promising-- I will get it posted on my website later, with a better photo but for now... this is a good place for new patterns!


Circular needles size 10.5

about 3 oz of Sport weight yarn

Cast on 80 sts Knit 2, purl 2 for 6 rows.
Then knit till hat measure about 8" tall total.

Decrease: Knit 2 sts together around. Repeat this till you have just a handful of sts left on the needles and you can't knit 2 together anymore!

Cut yarn tail.
Thread through sewing needle and weave through remaining sts.

Remove from needle, and pull tight. Weave yarn tail back inside the hat.


I also recently finished a star afghan for friends who just adopted a baby. It worked up quite quickly and was so fun to see take shape. Here is a photo of that:

It is a pattern for preemies but I did 32 rows so it was definitely large enough for a newborn and beyond. The shortest width I measured was 33" so I am quite sure it was 45" or beyond from star point to point. I was able to place my newborn sized doll in there and wrap her up nicely with room to spare. The pattern I used can be found here:

I need to run and take my daughter to the orthodontist! Later


dalbax2 said...

Your star afghan is really pretty. I enjoy so much going thru your site and checking out the patterns. I like to crochet baby things and have quite a few patterns thanks to all the good sites on the internet. I can't get on as often as I like as I have no computer at the present time. I depend on the library and the hours I can get there. Since I don't have a screen name, I will leave my real name and check back again ASAP.
Kathy from Tamworth NH

Desiree said...

That star afghan is really cute. I like tha hat too, but have trouble keeping stitches even on a circular needle. Maybe I just need more practice. I love your website and have enjoyed it for years. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love the pic of grandpa and Jamya also.

Karen said...


Your blog is great! I'm so proud of you.

I love the fact that you posted the link to the Star afghan. I have one 1/3 done and my pups got a hold of the pattern and I couldn't finish it. Thanks so much.


Becky said...

Hi Bev!
Becky again! I loved this star afgan; and what a special and unique gift!
I have a blog too about our lives and the things we do together; like playing on our country property and my various projects. Stop by anytime!
Becky in Cayce, SC

Marla said...

Hi Bev- great job on both projects... maybe one day I'll get the courage to try the hat since I'm a very novice knitter!!

Both look great!!

Anonymous said...


This is one of the few afghans that makes me wish I could crochet! Maybe I will try again! I use the knifty knitter looms so I have an excuse to accumulate yarn since I love fiber. After all, I am just following my Dr's advice about getting more fiber...
The afghan also reminds me of Maggie Simpson's snowsuit on the Christmas episodes of the Simpsons.
I make hats to give away and sox for my Diabetic disabled husband. We live in a rural community on an island in Maine, and its fun to put a hat in a mail box in the winter anonymously. If I notice a bareheaded person outdoors in winter at a humble house, I sneak a hat into their mail box out on the road. I smile when I see the same person wearing the hat the next time. Puts a little mystery & magic in their lives. I also just make a bunch and donate them to help agencies, like soup kitchens & food banks. Its fun for people to get new stuff and I leave it up to the agency to slip it to those who need it with dignity. I use Lion Brand Homespun with Red Heart Symphony so the hats are colorful and fuzzy wuzzy warm.
Laurel, Maine fishwife