Saturday, September 02, 2006

What I am working on...

I am back although I likely will not post this many posts in ONE DAY!! But I did want to share with you what I am currently working on for humanitarian. On Sept. 19th our ward will be holding CRAFTING ANGELS, and I really want to put together more newborn kits for UMC in Vegas.

We have 73 pairs of booties, 43 hats, 26 bars of soap, and 42 diapers.... so I am working towards 50 kits this month.

That means I need to get busy making hats, and making some little newborn shirt-vests. These will be mini-kits, but will help out a few new moms I am sure.

Here is my pattern for newborn vest-shirts
and a photo of them
They are really fun to make and fairly quick too. I was able to crochet one on the way to St. George, UT the other day, and then make a matching hat from this pattern:

Well, I should get back to making more little hats.



TxFrogLady said...

That is very nice--really like it..great JOB

Lulu said...

glad you have a blog, Bev..
love the baby shirt, its adorable..

Diane said...

saved your blog. I know you will get a lot of traffic here

Rose said...

This vest is wonderful...I will certainly use this pattern, than you for sharing.

The wedding photo is lovely! God Bless.

Karen said...

Oh my goodness Bev, the little shirt is just simply adorable:)

I will be making a link to your blog on my blog, also. Actually, I have a link to one of your patterns there, that you kindly allowed me to make a link to, which is the rippled baby afghan.

Oh, and your daughter-in-law sounds like she's just a delightful girl:) May God bless her & your son:)