Sunday, October 01, 2006

The baby shirt-vest pattern link and more

Good Sabbath morning!
As you might be able to tell, I just got back from taking the doggies for a walk - sun was just coming up and it was so lovely!

Our Heavenly Father sure does welcome us in a most beautiful, color-filled way to each new day we are given to serve Him here on this earth.

Cookie is learning really well, to walk with the leash now, and I am able to take them both out and have both leashes in one hand which is most helpful when taking photos! I take my camera with me almost everywhere I go, because you just never know when you will see something breathtakingly beautiful in this world.

As I was walking this morning, breathing in the fresh desert air, and enjoying the cooler temperature, I was amazed at the miriad of sounds that early. There were cows lowing, and roosters galore trying to rouse the sleepy world to activity this gorgeous Sabbath Day.

General Conference will be on again in a couple of hours and I can't wait! If you don't get BYU-TV and would like to watch it anyhow, you can do so here on Explorer. Technology is amazing isn't it?

A couple of people have asked about the baby shirt-vest I have been making. I thought I had posted a link to that pattern on my site but I guess I didn't yet. So HERE IT IS! =) Enjoy

You can also find things on my site by doing a search on my sitemap page at the top. We include those in our Newborn Kits for UMC county hospital in Vegas, along with 4 paper diapers, burp cloth, soft 30" or so blanket, hat and booties. Makes a nice little going home package for these moms, since the hospital can't provide them with anything. Being the county hospital they get all the people with no insurance, many visitors, I imagine homeless people, poor people and there are many in Vegas.

The gambling industry here certainly doesn't make regular people rich. It robs them like a common thief and often leaves them destitute... it's evil influence destroys families, and becomes addictive like alcohol. Well, enough on my views on gambling. I am quite sure you will capture the essence of how I feel from very little comment!

Anyhow, UMC can use all the help it can get from us. They're always so appreciative of anything we can bring in for the babies. These sweet, precious babies deserve more than to be quickly wrapped in dad's old shirt for warmth to go home.

As I watch Conference today, I want to make at least one more pair of mittens for LDS Humanitarian. They need many pairs for cold hands-- all sizes.

Well, I should get some breakfast I guess. I only ate a bowl of cereal and 2 mugs of chicken noodle soup yesterday and I actually feel hungry today. Maybe a good thing. This cold is nasty and I am thankful for it, as I know in a few days I will be more grateful for feeling well again. Funny how illness can do that to us... make us humble and grateful.

I will leave you with a photo I took this morning of our doggies out walking... look how nicely they walk together already. =) So good!

And with a thought from the Doctrine and Covenants 64:33:

"Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for you are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things preceedeth that which is great."

Take care and HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE!


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