Friday, October 13, 2006

Cookie is growing, storms, Osmonds, and another dishcloth pattern!

Hi there!
I am so busy creating new patterns for my book, one in paricular, that I have not done much for my website patterns lately. But a couple of terrific readers made up 2 of my dishcloth patterns and sent me photos to post! I am going to actually place them on their own pages now that I have 2 sets of photos, but for now I will post one on here.

Bathroom Knit Washcloth
copyright Bev Qualheim 1989
Photo by
Michelle Bowden

If you know basic knitting--you can make this washcloth in a jiffy! Great for presents too just add some pretty soaps and bath salts in a little basket! Size 8 knitting needles Crochet cotton--your choice of color
  • Cast on 3 stitches.
  • Row 1: Knit across row.
  • Row 2 Increase one stitch and then finish knitting across row. Repeat this row till you have 48 sts on needle.
  • Row 3: K to last 2 sts; k 2 together to decrease.

Repeat Row 3 till you are back down to 3 sts again. Cast off. Use a small crochet hook or a needle to weave in loose ends.


Cookie is gettng bigger every day! I am a bit worried about her EYES though! She has so much hair hanging in front of them. My daughter says from what she has read, you never clip that, but you let it grow long and comb it down along the nose? Or you put it up in a barrette.

Hmm... anyone know out there?

I mean you really cannot see her eyes, and I am afraid they are not going to develop sight properly.

Any of you Shi Tzu doggy lovers have any advice?

It's really storming outside right now, and the doggies do not want to go out to potty! Could be a problem. I am hoping it blows over quickly and I am so glad I got my laundry off the line - especially since I had some handmade socks on the line! Out here in the desert we get winds that could put Chicago to shame, let me tell you! We often have other people's belongings in our yarn after storms like this one.

We needed the rain though so that's good. =)

A few years ago I worked for Donny Osmond as his assistant on his BELIEFS PAGE and his brother Alan (for on their websites. While I was working with them I had photos taken and they bring back such great memories. They were great guys to work for, very real and good people.

The one with Donny was taken at the Brick Foundation event in Milwaukee.

The one with 4 of us is: Suzanne and Alan Osmond, then me (the short one-- I am 5' 7"!), and Dave Brewer.

Oh my-- I just found this one too!! It was taken in Toronto, and we were having a singalong with me on guitar at the Get Together. There was no music stand, so Donny became my music stand! Is that fun or what?! Can we all sing 'Memories'??

and one more from waaaaay back in 1975 (in Black and White) when I went with friends to the MN Stake Fair and saw them in concert. We were only 10 rows back and had SOOOOOOOOO much fun. The 70's were a great time for girls to be growing up!


Till next time! HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE!

Bev Q


wichitaamismom said...


Cookie is so cute! I have one Shih-tzu and one Lhasa Apso. We groom both of them at home. As far as the hair on their face (and the rest of their bodies) we keep them cut as short as possible. It's easier for them and for us to keep them clean, especially when they get rowdy outside. My vet is actually the one who recommended that we keep them cut short. She told me that her sister had Lhasas and spent 4 hours each day just combing them!

Marla said...

Hi Bev-

I sent you an email on shih-tzus... cookie is so cute!!