Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crafting Angels, Cross stitch, embroidery and so on....

Crafting Angels went well this morning, although I was incredibly stressed due to exhaustion. I didn't sleep well last night, woke up in a nightmare after only a couple of hours of sleep, and then had to run CA. We got another picture book done-- 20 pages of cut out mag pictures for little kids in orphanages etc. And we got 2 quilts tied =) including a twin sized one.

I also have been feeling lately, as I am running more and more directions, trying to be mom, dad, cook, dishwasher, laundress, seamstress, spiritual teacher, etc etc etc... I laid in bed today crying, really missing my mom who died in 1983, just needing someone to take care of me. And as I laid there I was strongly impressed to take care of myself by doing things for 'BEV' instead of constantly doing everything for everyone else. I am totally out of steam.

The other day I was digging through old boxes and found an embroidery I started in college, for my someday married home.... well, I have been in that someday-married-home for 27+ years now, and that embroidery is still not finished. I have decided I want to get it done. =)

As I looked at it, it reminded me that there are so many other fun things to craft, other than preemie hats and booties. You can embroider, cross stitch, plastic canvas etc. It's time.

I thought I would share one of my charts with you since Halloween in coming up! It's kind of fun and not too hard.
copyright Bev Qualheim 2002, 2006

Grid Size: 30 W x 46 H
Cloth Count: 14
Design Area: 2.14" W x 3.29" H ( 28 x 45 stitches )

Symbol DMC
310 black
971 pumpkin (pumpkin)
970 pumpkin - lt (part of pumkin eyes)
712 cream (ear edge)
353 peach flesh - lt (inside ear)
703 chartreuse (eyes)
760 salmon (nose)
318 steel grey - lt
307 lemon (yellow part of pumpkin eyes & mouth)

Hope you enjoy it. =) There are lots more patterns and charts on this part of my website:


Most were designed by my friend Sandy Riggs who is brilliant at it.

Well I am off to go look for thread to match the colors on that embroidery, as my daughter needs to do her homework on here.


Bev Q


Marla said...

Hang in there Bev! And remember to take some time out for just YOU!! No matter how urgent it seems, everything else will still be there later!! Get your kids to help out some, and explain you really need the help right now.

Mimi said...

My husband was in the AF (23years) then became a police officer alot fell on me. I was quilting for everyone crocheting, knitting, cooking,church,kids etc. Age 46-51 I never picked up a needle or hook. I prayed long and hard to get back the love of the things of a woman ( things that at one time brought such pleasure). God blessed me for now my love of all things home and hearth is back. You do sometimes need rest and to step back I am proof. As grandma told me." child you can't do it all and go to mill to." Hugs

Gloria said...

Between me, my son, and grandkids, we have many shih-tzus. Trim the hair over Cookies eyes. My dogs get trimmed all the time. They need to be able to see! Unless your dog is a showdog, they need regular trims and that includes their facial hair/eyes. If Cookie is a show dog and not a pet dog, then never cut the hair, just use little doggie rubber bands to keep it out of her/his eyes.