Thursday, November 30, 2006

New contact for the Baby- Project!

I have a new contact person for the baby project!!!

I am excited about this one. The items will go to an
orphanage in Afghanistan where there are 300 kids--
newborn to teens and they need everything warm you can think of, mittens,
hats, socks, sweaters, baby clothes, gently used kids through teens clothes,
gently worn shoes and boots, twin sized blankets-- you name it!

Sounds like they can use it. I am also going to throw in some hotel soaps
and shampoos since hubby has been living in a hotel for 3 months now.
There is also a refugee camp nearby with adults and I am sure they can use
warm items too.

The new info, including where to send items is here



Michelle said...

I fully understand babies and children everywhere need help, but what about the babies and children right in our own country? Aren't they just as important?

Kiki said...

I will have to participate in this. My husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan and it is getting very cold! Thanks for the links! ::hugs::

Kiki said...

I just went to the project page and realized that your contact is part of the same division as my husband at the post here in upstate NY, bringing it even closer to my heart!!

bevq said...

I am not quite sure why people see this project which has been around for years, and they suddenly think I don't care about babies in America...

Perhaps you are new to me and my website??

You can find a gazillion projects helping our own babies on this page:

Crafting Angels, my local group here in Logandale, makes items for LDS Humanitarian, and our main focus is for UMC Hospital in Vegas. You are welcome to help any of those.

The babies in Afghanistan. Iraq etc, are being helped by OUR soldiers. This helps OUR soldiers too-- they feel so good being able to bring warm items to the people there FROM the American people they have been taught to hate. Can you imagine what this does for them?

We have public assistance in this country if people really need help. We have warm shelters... People in Afghanistan don't. They have nothing and they are war-torn.

We are ALL God's children. We can all find a project to help that we feel best helping. =)

Marla said...

Hi Bev-

It's great to hear about the new contact for the baby project. Of course we have people here in America who need our help just as much. And many many of us are helping. But whether it's in Iraq or Afghanistan or America or where- it will never be too much. Help is needed everywhere. God bless those who are trying to help people anywhere... God said help our brothers and sisters less fortunate. He didn't say only in our own Country.

Thanks for helping people understand as long as your are doing what you can to help someone somewhere, God will bless you for it. Certainly our own little ones and adults need help but they will get much more help than these people. These people are not more important by any means than Americans- they are equally important. We are all God's children, Red, Yellow, Black or White. Thanks for all you do Bev.

Anne K. said...

Bev - Thanks so much for sharing the information about this great way to get warm items directly to little people who need them! You are absolutely right, BTW - help is needed everywhere and we should contribute whenever and WHEREVER the Spirit moves us to do so! I have some great Lamb's Pride wool at home that will stitch up nicely into some warm caps - thanks again!!! (Will post a note to my blog as well) -