Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday rolls gently in once more... scarves for RED SCARF PROJECT!

Good Sabbath morning!
The sun is shining and it is about 50 F out, so lovely! I have an hour or so before choir practice so I thought I would update my blog a little.
Here are a couple of photos from Crafting Angels the other day, we had a large crowd this week! And the other one shows some of the newborn kits assembled for UMC Hospital in Vegas.

Thanksgiving is this week and I sure hope to have time to update before then. I have much to be thankful for as always.

One thing I am grateful for is my ability to make things for others with my hands. I am currently working on a few things for family for Christmas, but I am going to be working on some 'red scarves' for the RED SCARF PROJECT at
I am sure they would love to have everyone join in and make a scarf for the project! They have to be there in January though as they mail them out for Valentines Day delivery to all the Foster kids who are now trying to go to college and are 'out of the system' so to speak. I think it's a great project!

Here are some patterns you could use if you wish

The ladies in the background of the first 'Crafting Angels' photo are working on making cheery Christmas cards for the Foster Care kids through We managed to make 95 of them!! We were at CA 3 hours past our normal! It was hard to leave till we had all those cards made. =) Glad we stayed.

I called a dear friend here the other day as I know her mom is in a nursing home in St George, and asked her to find out if they could use warm slippers and Christmas cards for the residents. I am going to call the Nursing home too tomorrow as I think that is when the volunteers woman is there. I might see if some of you can help with that one too if the need is great. Crafting Angels mostly has people who can glue and cut, and make cards and assemble baby kits and not so much knitters and crocheters. But all the hands are needed for various things so we don't mind at all. =)


Bev Q


Metanine said...

Hi Bev,
Right now I'm playing with yarn, working on your Bev's REALLY Easy Scarf! It's so fun and easy to make.
I bought some red yarn and some variegated red/blue/pink yarn to make three scarves for the Red Scarf Project. My plan is to make a hat and a pair of mitts for each scarves before I send them away. It's not much but every little bit helps.

bevq said...

They actually only request scarves since these are for University aged kids, but you could email them and ask about the mittens.

THANKS for making those scarves!!

Mimi said...

Happy snoopy dance!!! My link is fixed. It is cute. :) Yes a link can be cute when you try doing it 5 times then when it works it become cute. :) Marla is a great teacher. I was having a brain freeze. ;) I will always check from now on. MM

Marla said...

Happy Thanksgiving Bev!! Have a great day and enjoy your family and friends!!