Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Child sized slumber cap

It's a new day, sun is shining and I get to go to the Vegas LDS Temple this morning! Could it get any better?

Yes it could! So many people are sweetly working on making these Chemo Slumber Caps to help out, so I have lots to sell to raise money for RELAY FOR LIFE! I'm excited. =) What a good thing.

Well, I posted the pattern for the adult sized one the other day. The kids one is done basically the same with a smaller loom -31 peg and a few less rows.

Also, there are tags to attach to each cap:

Using the 31 peg loom Red KK and Green ITA
2 strands held together
E-wrap and knit 16 rows in main color of soft yarn
change to white and knit 5 rows,
back to main color for 3 more rows
Gather off.
Thanks for all your help and your kind hearts!




Anonymous said...

Great pics of the hats, and I had no idea you shouls put tags on the items. Is this in all cases? or just for this relay?cyndie

bevq said...

The tags are just for this-- when you make these chemo sleep caps. It lets people know wht the white stripes are there.

The tags are here

Mae said...

My husband and I are pleased to participate in this with you. It is a great charity. He is looming some hats for you. We have a question -- in counting rows, when changing colors, does he count the first wrap of the new color as a row or does he count the first knit over as the row?

bevq said...

Hi Mae!
Please thank your husband so much for helping!! Remember it's not exact of a science, really, truly -- just have him make hats with 5 rows of white up near the top. =)


Anonymous said...

Hi there Bev,

I am in Australia and I just happened to stumble onto your site. I do a lot of craft work, and I wonder about these looms you use for the slumber caps.

Where do I get them from? I have never seen them before. When you knit with them, are they similar to the French knitting style?

bevq said...

I am in the USA and you can buy them at most craft stores here, or online.

If you look at one of my other posts recently there are photos of what they look like. I am not certain where you can buy them in Australia. THey are wooden or plastic and round with pegs.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev,
Thanks for your reply. (I'm the Australian.) I have been looking at your other posts and instructions on how to use the looms. I will check out our local craft stores here to see if I can find some looms.
Cheers, Alison.

Therese Root said...

Hi Bev,
I have been to this site and others and I am looking for a hooded baby sweater pattern for my looms, I havelong and round looms, and I would appreciate any help you can give me.
Thank you,
Therese Root

bevq said...

Hi Therese
You know, I have not seen a sweater like that. It's a great idea though! Maybe after Women's Conference I will have time to work on something like that.


Anonymous said...

Hi I am from Australia too and read about the person wanting to find looms. I think the looms that you are looking for are sold at Spotlight stores. I haven't got them but I have seen them there.
Cheers Glenda