Saturday, February 03, 2007

SuperBowl Sunday Skein-bust! Almost done with the sweater!

I am nearly done with THE SWEATER! I had a lot done and set it aside to do other things, like dolls and teddy bears and socks for little ones.

Here is a photo-- I need to stitch the seams and it's done. =)

Now tomorrow is SUPERBOWL SUNDAY, if anyone wants to join me... after Church I will be taking ONE SKEIN of yarn and making as many humanitarian things as I can out of that.

We don't ever watch the SuperBowl in my household-- not TV sports fans, but I figured it would be a good challenge for me, and for anyone who wants to join me, plus it will use us a skein from my stash. I might make newborn booties. Not sure if we need more for the UMC newborn kits or not.... will find out on Monday when we count everything up.



Anonymous said...

Well, Bev - if you don't use the booties for THIS time's assembly of newborn kits - there is always next time, right?? I will also start right after church


Randi said...

Wow... I LOVE that sweater! Good job, as usual!
Hugs, Randi

Mimi said...

What a wonder idea Bev!!! Lets do it again next year maybe I won't be down with a bug. Love the sweater. I really do get inspired to do more for others reading your blog. Thanks