Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Sabbath Day and pink ribbons??


"Life washes by us as waves out to sea,
hurrying us through its wild emotions;
And, until we stop to kneel in thanks,
then rise and lift another in need,
the tide can wash us away with life's petty worries..."
------------Beverly A. Qualheim----Copyright--2003, 2007-------------

Good morning!!
It is definitely warming up here in the Valley! It was 97 f in the shade in our back yard yesterday afternoon! This morning it is 63 in the shade at 8 am. Gonna be another hot one today!

My veggie garden is growing and I sure wish I could find the markers I put in the ground out there because I have no clue what is growing! It's the tasty surprise garden this year! Hopefully it will be more recognizable in a couple of weeks =)

As for my crocheting lately well...
The other day when I was at our Relay for Life Team leaders meeting, my friend Georgia heard we
had made Pink Ribbon Pins.

She begged me not to stop at PINK! And then asked me
to please make some Gold/Yellow ones as those are for
Childhood Cancer.

Her little grand-daughter died of cancer at age 2 1/2.
She was such a little doll. I remember when she
would come to the Relay for Life events. Grandma would
push her in her stroller around the track. She had no
hair from the chemo but was such a a cheerful little
spirit. She died in 2005, 3 days before that Relay
event. We were all praying she would make till the
Relay was over. But sometimes Heavenly Father gently
answers-- 'no, not this time.'

Georgia's other grand-daughter, the sister of the little one who died, is now 6 years old
and has been
growing her hair since her sissie was diagnosed with
cancer. And this year she is having her hair cut at
the event for 'Locks of Love' (I think that's what
it's called.) I am pretty sure there will be many tears over that one...

So, anyhow, now that I am making this incredibly long,
sorry... I started making YELLOW ribbon pins yesterday
and hope to get a bunch done before the event. I know
she has a team of about 25 people already! They
always have the team in honor and now memory of this
brave little doll.

I think I need to make some other colors too. They really are quick and easy to make.

Well, I am teaching the 14-15 year olds Sunday School today so I need to pop a couple more
things in the car so I am prepared for that.



Marla said...

Hi Bev,

please be sure to make some TEAL ones too as those cover different types of cancer (unless they've changed it on me).

Locks of Love is wonderful- making wigs for kids who lose their hair to cancer etc. There are events around here but unfortunately they won't take mine as it's colored! Well, partially anyway.

Good luck with both!!

Connie said...

I too have been want to find markers for my garden. I live in a tiny town near Tucson, AZ and the sun simply fades the ink away on my garden markers in a very short time. If anyone can tell me where to find markers of many names that will be permenate I would appreciate it....TNX, Connie

bevq said...

Normally I just use popscicle stitcks and use permanent markers, but I was so eager to get my garden in that I forgot this year!