Monday, March 19, 2007

LDS Women's Conference, and lost TV

Good morning!
I was just looking at one of the little teddy bears I made recently and thinking that soon I can take all the little bears and loomed dollies up to Women's Conference. I can't wait-- it's May 3,4, but that isn't too long. I love going up there so much and this year my eldest daughter and I are going together. We are making a road trip of it.

Yesterday was a great until evening when my youngest wanted to watch a video on our little TV/VCR which I had taken to Church that morning so I could teach part of a lesson using a Church video. One of the men in our ward asked if he could help take it out to my car for me, so I let him and my daughter went with him so I thought for sure it would be fine. Unfortunately, she just sort of pointed him in the general direction of the cars and where our van was, and he put the TV in an unknown car. 3 wards meet in our building and I have no clue whose car it ended up in, but it wasn't our van. =(

I am going to put up signs at Church today, and see if we can possibly have it announced over the pulpits if the TV isn't back by next Sunday. There is a label on the top if the TV but who knows if they even looked in their back seat to see that a TV was sitting there that isn't theirs?

On a brighter note!!
A quick reminder that Bev's online Tupperware FUNDRAISER for 'Relay for Life' will soon be over and I don't want you to miss out on ordering if you want some Tupperware. It makes great wedding gifts, birthday presents, and so forth, even if you already have enough Tupperware. =)

Plus, there is a brand new Tupperware Cookbook that Kimberly just sent for me to post as a Thank You to all who order. And all of this helps my Team for RELAY FOR LIFE raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

The info is all on this page. They have some really neat items since I last saw a catalog!

Thanks so much to everyone who has placed their order already! =) We have raised about $84 so far. I am hoping to hit $500 but I like to dream =)



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