Thursday, March 08, 2007

"The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd"

At long last "The Testaments" movie is finally available for all of us to purchase! It's only $4.50 but it's worth so much more! I just bought 5 copies of it so I can share with some friends of mine who may never have seen it.

It is my favorite movie, even surpassing 'The Sound of Music' and I never thought any movie would bypass that one. The story is wonderful, the music is beautiful and spiritually edifying, the photography is spectacular, and the ending... will take your breath away and renew your Faith in Jesus Christ over and over.

I cannot say enough good about this film, if you can't tell.


Spring is definitely in the air here in Logandale. Our wind chimes are blowing gently, playing natures melody. There is a glorious chorus of desert birds trilling in my back yard. Our fruit trees might even be large enough this year for some nesting. I hope so. I love birds, always have.

Our peach and almond trees are currently in bloom, and the plum and apple trees are already done blossoming! The bees love us this year, and they have been so busy buzzing their little bee buzzes and popping from one flower to the next!
A couple of soft, white blossoms are trying to open on our apricot trees, but since the peach trees are really showing their glory this morning, I snapped a photo of one of them, so you can enjoy them too.

Wish I could capture the aroma for you, but that isn't quite in the technological realm just yet!

I have Adult Religion Class this morning, then I am catching up on housework today! WOW! I am behind. I would hate for someone to come over to visit unexpectantly let me tell you.

My daughter Patricia and I are starting to get pumped up and ready for our 'road trip' up to Provo to LDS Women's Conference in a few weeks, in fact, I already have part of a bag packed!! Ok- I'm not totally nuts, it's just my backpack I am putting things in that we will need. I always bring extra yarn, and my own looms for their humanitarian projects as they tend to run out. That way more people can use their items and not have to wait for a loom.

They have announced on their website that we are looming hats and booties again this year for newborns, so I have a head start on it and have 6 pairs of booties made so far. I am also trying to get some tanned little dollies to take to my friend there with LDS Humanitarian. =)

Well, I have laundry calling out to me, and a kitchen floor you could definitely eat off of since there is so much food on it right now!!! Then I am off to be spiritually fed in class.

Oh yes, before I forget, we bought a new Weight Watchers Digital scale yesterday and I reweighed myself! Our old scale was weighing 5 lbs light - AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! So, I had to update my fishy tracker on this blog (you can find that at the bottom of this blog). I have a few more lbs to lose than originally planned but that's ok. I want to be at my healthiest weight.



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