Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Fireside for The Testaments, Clark County Fair and more

This sounds fantastic!! Can't wait to get my copy.... posted with permission from RoMay Allen:

"LDS Film - The Testaments - Fireside Now Available

The new LDS Church movie -- The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd is now available on DVD. There is a fireside that was done by Ane Marie and Tomas Kofod (the man who portrayed the Savior in the film). The fireside entitled "Of One Fold and One Shepherd" contains the powerful conversion stories and experiences that Tomas had behind the scenes of The Testaments. He shares how the Lord tutored him and prepared him to play the role.

Tomas and Ane Marie are very good friends of mine -- and each time I have listened to this fireside, I am touched by the way the Lord is in charge -- and how He has a role for each of us. Both Tomas and Ane Marie have powerful testimonies and you will feel the Spirit as you hear about their conversions to the LDS Church, their experiences and miracles the Lord performed during the making of The Testaments.

A great gift for anyone (especially for Easter) -- it's available now as a download file exclusively through LDS Audio. If you would like to pre-order a CD, you can purchase through Latter-day Light Books. If you have seen The Testaments -- you're going to want to hear this fireside! Both adults and teenagers will benefit from hearing these stories!"

RoMay Allen - be sure to check out her scrapbooking blog

I hope many of you will buy this CD. Tomas is a dear, good man. I feel very blessed to call him my friend, my 'little brother' and someday I hope to meet his wife Ane Marie and their little ones.

Sorry, I have not been blogging much lately due to setting up the humanitarian booth at the Fair, making things for said booth, and getting things ready for the Relay for Life, and getting ready for all the kids to come home for Easter. I have a ton of cleaning to do!

My eldest son's fiance is coming to meet us for the first time this weekend, (I can't wait!) and the house is such a mess right now. It really is 'lived in'.

Tomorrow I hope to get the rest of our brochures and hand made items up at our Humanitarian Booth. I still have to copy all the free patterns and get them set up in baskets there. It sure looks adorable though. At our last Crafting Angels we did Teddy Bears--51 of them I think was the final count.

Here are a few of them 'bf' before faces!

We have them strung around the booth with some white chains I found in the Fine Arts Building boxes for decorating. We have a couple of lamps set up and a quilt for tying, and a looming center.

Should be great! We have new Elders here too, and I am hoping they have a booth right across from ours since the humanitarian part is a HUGE part of our religion. It's a place to see the 'Latter-day Saints in Action'!




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Wool Winder said...

I could not locate your email address, so I hope you don't mind my replying here to the comment you left on my blog.

You are welcome to use my changes to Michelle's booties and the picture, as long as Michelle doesn't have a problem with it. Her pattern is my favorite, because it's so versatile and turns out cute every time.

Bev's Country Cottage is the absolute best resource for charity patterns. Thanks so much for all the work you do. It's greatly appreciated.

Tracy Batchelder