Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hats and more hats!

Well, the Fair is finally over for me, except for taking down our Humanitarian booth on Monday morning, and I get to go to Church today.

I was able to sell 2 chemo slumber caps, which is good as I have about 573 to go! Most will end up being donated to Sunrise Hospital, and UMC in Vegas but there are a couple of other places in need of them too.

I took photos of the hats I have here in my house, just the other day and wanted to post those here and as you can see Cookie has grown and she HAD to be in the photo too! These hats were mostly made by the Loom Knitting Newbies group on Yahoo. I sincerely hope I thanked everyone who sent caps. My apologies if I missed yours. Life has been so busy these past few weeks and I still have some craziness coming up with Relay for Life this Friday/Sat. and then week off, then LDS Women's Conference May 3,4, and my eldest son's wedding in the Vegas Temple on May 11th. Then a break =) Enjoy the photos and remember the pattern for you to make your own Chemo Slumber caps is here


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Marcia said...

I think that is the largest pile of hats I've ever seen! Nice work!