Monday, April 16, 2007

Humanitarian Booth Photos

The Clark County Fair is over for another year, and we dismantled the Humanitarian Booth this morning! PHEW! SO much work! Enjoy the photos of our booth. You can see the larger images by clicking on the photos...

Note all the teddy bears! We stuffed 51 of them at Crafting Angels last month and strung them all around the booth. The very off-kilter world map was made by yours-truly and represented the fact that our handmade humanitarian items are sent out world wide.

I had pictures of the people in Afghanistan receiving items from our good US Soldiers over there. We set up chairs and baskets for looming hats, and a quilt tying area to the left in the bottom photo, plus we had some humanitarian and other videos playing, if people wanted to just come on in, and sit-a-spell. We also had an actual hand quilted quilt set up for people to work on.

I have been marking off 'events' I am involved in, since this month has been chock full of them and they are wearing me out!

This weekend is RELAY FOR LIFE, and I am looking forward to that, then I have a whole week OFF - woo hooo!!! Plan to get back to my book that week. Then on May 2nd, Patricia and I drive to Provo for Women's Conference! Now THAT I am really looking forward to. It will be fun to have my daughter there, and to see my old friends Kim and Paula and to camp in the 5th wheel, and most of all to do non-stop humanitarian work while we are spiritually fed. Can't beat it. And then as soon as I get back my son Shaun and his sweet fiance Joanna will be here, and they get married in the Vegas Temple that next Friday, May 11th. (Hi Joanna!!- she reads this blog-- good thing someone does eh? =))

I wanted to remind all of you who might be interested to buy my friends, Tomas Kofod, and his wife Ane Marie's, new 'Testaments' FIRESIDE CD. I cannot wait to get mine as I have heard a small preview and it's wonderful! I think the CD is actually available next week, but I am not certain. My order is in anyhow, and I am impatiently waiting for it. =) Let me know if you order it and what you think.

Kofod Fireside

CLICK TO ORDER a beautiful fireside given by Ane Marie and Tomas Kofod, the man who played Jesus Christ in 'The Testaments'.



Joanna said...

Hi!! Thanks for the compliment...but your son is even sweeter. So gald the fair was a success. The pics look awesome. See you again soon.

The Newest Mrs. Q

Anonymous said...

I was just going through my blog and checking links and noticed that you had paid me a visit. Sorry I was not aware of it sooner. But I have been to your blog many times and not left a comment but figured it was time to do so. You have a wonderful blog and a wonderful group with your challenge. Great ladies and I learn so much from them.