Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I want to take a moment to wish all women a happy Mother's Day. If you are a woman you know what it means to care for others, to serve others, to love deeply whether or not you have ever given birth or adopted or foster care or...

I have mixed emotions today for many reasons, not the least of them being that I am missing my own mother today a little more than normal. My own children have been wonderful and I love them for that. It helps, even though they don't know I am hurting. =) I have been blessed with awesome children and I am very grateful to my Father in Heaven for that.

I am listening to 'The Mormon Tabernacle Choir' right now and it is lifting my spirits considerably. I love good, sacred music, and the Tabernacle choir is my favorite choir - the spirit of their music penetrates my heart and always calms me. Love it! =)

Just talked to my dad and found out my Uncle George died today... I remember him as being a quiet, curly haired man who loved his honey in a little plastic honey bear. I loved those honey bears just because Uncle George did.

Well, it's time for a YARN STASH BUST AGAIN!
No new yarn till I make lots of things. Since my busy schedule should calm down for a while I might have some time to work on making things. I know LDS Humanitarian needs slippers so I will work on some of those for a while.

Hook size G for kids
4 ply yarn-- scraps
I like to use 2 strands at a time in slightly different shades. Makes them warmer and adds variety.
Ch 26 (or as long as the foot)
Row 1: DC in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across, (go thru both loops) ch 3 and turn.
Row 2: Now DC in each dc across, ch 3 turn.
Rows 3-12 (11 rows for skinny feet): Repeat row 2, end off with a 12" tail of yarn.
Basically you have a rectangle.
Gather the toe. You do this by weaving the yarn tail in and out at the top of the slipper.
Fold the slipper in half lengthwise, should do this naturally when you gather the toe.
Now stitch about halfway towards the other end of the slipper.
Back stitch a bit to hold sts.
Cut yarn, and stitch up the heel. Finish off and cut yarn. Whip stitch heel. You can add a pom pom if you like.

These do crochet up quickly and you could do them in any size by varying the number of sts and rows.
RUDY'S Cuff addition
slipper with cuff
Crochet in back loops only and Rudy says it makes for a warmer slipper.
After stitching slipper together, add yarn and do one row of sc around the foot opening.
Join with a sl st to the first sc, ch 3, dc in each sc and join with sl st to top of first dc.
Continue to do this to form a cuff, for as many rows as you wish.

I absolutely love this beautiful fireside given by Ane Marie Kofod and her husband Tomas Kofod, the man who portrayed Jesus Christ in the movie 'The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd'. I really recommend this for you, for family and friends. Please let others know about it.

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