Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dyeing wool, heat- wow!

Good day to everyone!
Yesterday, and the day before, I spent some time learning to dye wool and it actually doesn't look too bad at all. I still have to rinse and dry 2 of the skeins, but one is ready to be wound. I took a few photos of the first one I did.

I used the tutorial on Allbuttonedup
to dye Knit Picks Bare 75% superwash wool 25% nylon…wool

I used 3 colors of Jacquard Dye, (Saphire, fuschia and emerald) and a plastic spoon to just ‘drop’ spoonfuls of the liquid dye all over the yarn. I was going to use an eye dropper but didn't have one. The spoon seems to have worked lovely.

The photo shows it in the sink rinsing out the dye. I know you are supposed to use cold, running water but here in the desert there is no such thing as cold water in the summer (it was 110 F in the shade here yesterday) and water is a scarce thing... I don't think we have had any rain since last year here. So I ran a bit of water through it at first and then gently squeezed that out and soaked it in the kitchen sink.

I changed that water 3 times, but it's still better than running gallons of water on it. Hey, you do what you have to!

The photo on the right is off the items I used. I also added a large, white bowl to the 2nd batch of wool I dyed, so I could soak the wool ahead of time in vinegar and water. That way I could free up my sink to wash the dishes!!

The skein I am rinsing right now was sent to me a while back, not even sure who sent it. But it is mostly wool and creamy colored so it worked great! I am nut certain what brand it was or anything. There were 2 little skeins so I tied them together and wrapped it around and around the top of a kitchen chair, then tied 6 loops of yarn around it evenly spaced, so it will hold together for the whole process including hanging on the clothesline to dry.

It's a bit thicker yarn and I will use that for making a child pair of mittens for LDS Humanitarian. With the 2 small skeins I think there will be enough.


CRAFTING ANGELS Logandale Stake, June 12, 2007

I also took photos at Crafting Angels the other day and wanted to share those:

The little dollies were brought down for our meeting, by my friend Pam up in LaVerkin, Utah. A lady in her ward made them and they were so adorable! She took THIS PATTERN and stuffed them lightly. I think there must have been 30 or so.

Now, the 2nd photo is of paper plates filled with dried flowers to use for making bookmarks. They were beautiful. Sister McMurray taught us how to do this with laminate sheets, a toothpick and the dried flowers and ferns.

They had previously cut the laminate paper (she gets it at Staples) into bookmarks, you peeled off the back and laid it sticky side up on the table. Then you lick the toothpick and touch the dried flower (mostly violas, and small pansies) and that will lift the flower up without breaking it. They are extremely delicate!

Then lay the flower on the laminate where you want it and gently press on. You do that down the entire bookmark and then peel the paper off the 2nd laminate paper bookmark and carefully lay it on top Press out the air bubbles, and you have a lovely bookmark.

She also had printed out with a saying, actual stiff paper bookmarks. You dot a small amount of Elmers Glue on the back of the bookmark and glue your flowers and petals on there. Then laminate the top and the bottom of the paper as you did the other bookmarks.

These will be sent to Red Cliffs Nursing Home for their game nights where the residents can win prizes, and some to Red Scarf Project for the Foster Care kids who are in college and on their own.

Well, I will post a photo of my skeins of yarn when I get them wound into balls with my Yarn Ball winder which I love incidently!
And here it is and I see they have FREE SHIPPING on it right now! Purchases help keep Bev's Country Cottage online.

Yarn Ball Winder

Yarn Ball Winder

Free Shipping on this item! (use promotion code APRFSA625) A cool gadget for knit and crochet! Hand-operated yarn/fiber winder for making pull thread balls without requiring tubes or cones. I love this thing! I use it all the time so I can make small balls of yarn to keep in my purse!! (BevQ)

Well, we have a wonderful baptism (my next door neighbor's hubby- she was baptized last year around this time!) at Church at noon today and I am leading music for it, so I need to find a skirt and top.

Bev Q

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