Thursday, June 07, 2007

Loomed slipper pattern

Good morning!
Ok- I have made 3 pairs of these loomed slippers, for LDS Humanitarian, but I didn't write out the pattern yet. So I will attempt to do this on here today that way it is easier for me to print out for Crafting Angels next Tuesday. I am hoping to get a couple of people started on making these as they are very much needed.

Now I used the mitten loom from In The Attic. I know they were having more made as they had sold out really quickly with this last batch. Let me see if they have more in now...

Nope-- they still don't have them. Bret told me they would soon though. Meanwhile the loom has 18 pegs spaced 3/4" apart from top of peg to top of next peg.

CindWoods Looms has Youth Slipper looms available for $8-- just scroll down that page till you see "Child Slipper 17 peg". It will work just fine too I am sure.

People have asked if they can use the newborn loom and my thoughts are they would make the slippers way too wide for kids. For adults maybe, yes, but not these for kids.

Ok so we are using 3 strands of yarn held together.
E-wrap all of the pegs 4 times (yup- 4 times) around.
Lift 3 wraps over 1 wrap. This forms a nice 'brim' for your slipper.
Now e-wrap and knit 7 rows.

Making the Heel (the numbers represent the pegs)
E-Wrap just 10 pegs and knit off and hook the yarn around the tack.)
Knit off those 10 pegs. (
Now E-Wrap backwards but only on 8 pegs (starting with peg number Knit those off.
E-Wrap forwards again on 6 pegs ( Knit those off
E-Wrap backwards on 4 pegs (
E-Wrap forwards on 2 pegs (5.6.)

So now you need to increase the numbers of pegs you are working on again, increasing by twos to widen the heel out again, (just as you decreased by twos before). Wrap peg number Words of advice from Cynthia who sells this loom "I have found that if you wrap and pick the first peg added, and then go the other direction to finish to row, it is tight but doesn’t leave a hole."

I (Bev) still get a small hole but you can just stitch those shut later.

Now E-Wrap pegs 7 (knit that off) then 6.5.4. knit off.
E-Wrap pegs ( knit off.
E-Wrap pegs ( Knit off.
E-Wrap pegs ( Knit off. You have made the heel!

Just like my baby booties pattern.

E-wrap and knit 12-15 more rows depending on how long you want those slippers. Then gather-remove them from the loom. Pull tightly and weave yarn under several stitches on the inside of the slipper.

12 rows makes them about 5.5" long. The slippers will stretch and grow with the child too, so that's always a plus.

I have been adding a ribbon or a crocheted chain at the base of the 'brim' so they can be tied on little feet. I crocheted a chain about 16" long and then sc all the way back down the chain.

Well, I am off to Adult Religion Class where we are learning about ways to effectively study the scriptures and I can't wait! So excited for this class as I love reading the scriptures.

Have a fantastic day today! Make it a good one by helping someone in need and hugging the ones you love!

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