Thursday, June 14, 2007

My website is down....

In case any of you try to go to today, it is apparently down. In fact, the people who house my website on their server IPOWERWEB, are down too. Perhaps they are down for maintainance?

But I will keep you up to date on here as much as I can.

My yahoo groups today are doing a Chick Flick Day day.

When you can today, grab those needles or hooks or looms and pop in a good chick-flick movie, then sit and relax and knit some baby booties for someone in need. I know LDS Humanitarian can use them for their newborn kits, or perhaps your local hospital can use them, or our Crafting Angels can use them for our newborn kits for UMC in Vegas.

If you want to join us for clicking and a movie, we are going to pop in those movies sometime this afternoon. Can't you just see it, 100s of women watching a good old movie, and crafting for charity. Good vibes!! Here is a simple crocheted pattern - the newborn size can be achieved with a G hook instead of F.

Bev's Crocheted PreemieTube Socks - 3-5 lbers
(6-7 lbers also)
copyright 2003 Bev Qualheim
Top of sock ideas from Linda (crafter49)
1 oz Baby yarn or sport and a size F hook. (for NEWBORN size use Size G hook)

Ch 2 and sc into the first ch with 5 scs.
Rnd 1: 2 sc in each sc. (10 sc)
Rnd 2: sc in first sc, 2 sc in next sc and repeat that around so you now have 15 sc.
Rnd 3: sc in each st around without joining, and continue in this manner until the socks are long enough- approx. 5".
Stripes in different colors look great!

TOP OF SOCK: When the sock is long enough, either do a round of HDC in back loops only, or alternate one FP st and one BP st all around.
For girls, at the end of the last rnd, ch 4, *skip one sc, sc into next, ch 4 and repeat from * around top of bootie sock.

You can thread some nice ribbon through your top stitches so the sock can be tied securely.
Finish off, cutting a 3" tail of yarn, and weave that tail back inside the sock.

Bev Q

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