Thursday, July 05, 2007

The day after...

I overdid it a bit yesterday... overdid the heat, the sun, you name it, and didn't drink enough water. Although it was GREAT fun! Yes, I went running in the fire truck hoses too!! Tucked the old camera in my pocket and ran it! It was too hot NOT to!

The kids and I went swimming at 1 pm yesterday.... bad time of day to do that! I mean the water was cool, but the sun was insanely hot. When we drove back home the thermometer in the car started at 128 F but it dropped to 124 F by the time we got home. Likely it was going to drop another degree, but it was TOOOOOOOOOO hot! What was I thinking!?

We stood in line at the community dinner, at 7 pm for 40 minutes in 105 F temps and I was not feeling well. My sunscreen didn't work and I was burned on my face and back, the water I was drinking was warm, but it was wet. Anyhow.... too much of a good thing, and today I am feeling it.

The fireworks (we watch from home) were really excellent, and my girls had fun with the snappers and poppers we bought. (Actually, I had fun with them too!) =)

But, the great news is that today I have adult religion class.

I did manage yesterday, sitting in the shade of a huge tree or two where it was only 115 or so, to get a doll bonnet crocheted, and a pair of little booties, and part of a sweater for one baby doll. Good stuff. All for DRESS-A-DOLLY-DAY coming up.

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