Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Neck-Warmer (Gaitor)

Bev's Cozy Neck Gaiter
(Modelled By 'Boots' the Shih-tzpoo!)
Copyright Beverly A Qualheim 2007
about 3 oz Caron Simply Soft yarn
Size J hook

Ch 39
Row 1: Dc in 3rd chain from hook. (ch 3 counts as 1st dc) Ch 3, turn 37 dcs
Row 2: (Back loops only from now on) Dc in 2nd dc from hook and in each dc across. Ch 3, turn (maintain 37 dcs across)

Repeat this row for enough rows till gaitor can fit around your head plus 2"-3". (Ended up being 28 rows for me) I made it tall enough to go around the neck and up over the nose.

I checked with LDS humanitarians current needs page today and found out they updated for August with a need children's mittens and gloves - all sizes. I am sure they are gearing up for the cold that will come again, I promise. Hard to fathom when it is 105 in the shade still! But it will be COLD in a couple of months.

So, I am going to be crocheting a pair or 2 of those. I might even knit a pair. You can find lots of pairs on this page:

Enjoy the gaitor pattern. I am sure there are many homeless shelters who could use these this winter to give out to the men and women who need to shelter there. Perhaps make a few in bright colors. I chose gray just because I like gray actually. It's the color of our winter school uniforms we wore at St. Margarets school for girls in Sutton Coldfield, England. They tore that gorgeous old school down (it was an old Tudor mansion built in the time of Henry VIII if I am remembering right) and put up stupid condos, back in 1971- or 72 or so.

I loved that school. Our Head Mistresses were Miss Stuart and I can't remember the other ladies name, maybe Miss Layton? I remember our teachers like Mrs Harris - she taught history, and Miss Salt, Mrs Pollock, Mrs. Daniels, Mrs Dixon, Mrs Wharton (she was my fave- I heard she passed away a few years ago). I have searched in vain online for anyone who may have attended that school back in the 1960's till 1971 when it closed it's doors, but I can't find anything online at all.

My dear friends Susan Copp (we stayed in touch even when I moved to America, for a while), Sarah who loved palamino horses, Sally Gray, Julia Clamp, - her father was a doctor,
Dulcie Holloway (?) Leslie Baumber- we were best friends in Shenstone, - man, I can't even remember most of their names now, but I am sure they are all married so our names have changed. Mine was Beverly Johnson back then, so if any of you are out there, please contact me! Or if any of you reading this recognize those names, please write.

Well, enough reminiscing...


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Judy said...

Just a note to let you know I love your work!
I just do crochet at this point - that may change in the future, since I already have a How to Knit book :>)

Thanks for making up the Newborn shirt/vest pattern. I have a place, and a baby (our great nephew), in mind for that!