Friday, August 03, 2007

Need for NB Blankets

<--- NB kit assembly line Logandale 4th Ward Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints for Feb 2007's "Crafting Angels"

Good morning!
My friend Ruth and I counted up all the items we currently have for the UMC newborn kits, and we are short of a few for our August meeting.

We actually had 70 kits without blankets in them last time, so we want to add a blanket to those before taking them to UMC in Vegas. When we added up the blankets the other day we had exactly 70 blankets, so those from last time will be taken care of, however we hope to do at least 100 kits on the 14th and none will have blankets unless we can get some before then. I am going through my material and I am going to make some small quilts but we need your help.

If you would like to help and can, the blankets can be gently used or preferably NEW receiving type blankets, little fleece ones from Walmart and the dollar store work great too, hand made ones about 30" square -34". square but anything around that size will do as long as it isn't 'bulky'. We need to fit them in the ziplocks with other items. We also need bars of soap- any size will work, and 2 gallon ziplock type bags.

We are running out of time since it is already the 3rd of August and we need them by the 13th to be included in the kits, but I thought I would ask.

The mailing address is:

Bev Qualheim - bl
Crafting Angels
PO Box 427
Logandale NV 89021-0427

Here is a photo of what the kits for UMC look like =)

Thanks so much!


and prayers for all our friends in Minneapolis who were affected by the bridge collapse. We are thinking of you, and our hearts are feeling your pain and loss...


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claybustinprincess said...

Got this post just before leaving to do a bit of shopping in the next town, which has a dollar store. I think there were two in a package so you have six coming your way. Dropped them in the mail on the way home and you should have them Monday or Tuesday.