Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bev's Orphan Mitts, QUILTS NEEDED!

Good morning!
The air is wonderfully cool here in Logandale this morning! The sun is shining, the birds are chattering and squawking happily in the puddles that were left by a bit 'o rain Saturday night. It's Autumn.

Speaking of Autumn, the air is getting cooler, and Mt Charleston already had some snow! So, winter is coming and LDS Humanitarian has a desperate need for warm quilts! I heard from grBev, who works there, that their supply is really low right now and with winter coming, that is not good! They have had so many places in the world who have needed blankets in recent months, with floods and tornadoes in the USA, and earthquakes around the world. Please consider tying a couple to send off there.

There are instructions and mailing addy on that page. Please consider making a twin sized quilt if you can, and sending it on to them. If you have a Deseret Industries nearby with a humanitarian room, you can take quilts to them too.

Yesterday, I had the most lovely visit from my online friend 'grBev'! (Yup- we have the same name) AND both of us share a love of yarn and material that is uncanny.

<---- THE BEVS! I made a pair of mittens the other day. I really wanted to make a knitted pattern using 4 needles (since I have mastered them for socks), that would fit slightly older children. The orphanges are filled with older children and these are for them! Last month we had the 'orphan socks' and these are 'orphan mitts'. I hope you will make lots as they really are not hard and NO SEAMS! I had a pair but I forgot to photograph them before giving them to 'grBev' yesterday. grBev works in the LDS Humanitarian center on Mondays, so I wanted to get those mittens directly donated! They are needed badly right now. I will post the photo I took last night of the partially knitted mitts. I will post a finished photo when they are done. =)

Bev's Orphan Mittens
Copyright 2007 Beverly A. Qualheim, All Rights Reserved

These are made warmer using about 2 oz each of 1 strand of washable sock yarn held with 1 strand of worsted weight yarn. Many are needed all over the world. Please consider making a pair for family and a pair for charity.

These will fit a child 8-12 years old

(The mittens in the photo are made with 1 strand of Red Heart WW yarn)
Size 8 dp knitting needles - you will need 4
2 stitch holders
Yarn needle
Gauge = 8 knit stitches=2" 6 rows=1"

Cast on 24 sts and place 8 sts on each of 3 needles
K 1, p 1 for 13 rounds (for cuff) (2.5")
Knit (increase 1 st on each needle) for the 1st round, then knit evenly for a total of 6 rounds (27 sts)

Thumb Increases
(I make increases by knitting first into the back of the next stitch, and then into the front of the stitch)
Rnd 1: K 14, increase 1 st, k 1, increase 1 st, knit 10
Rnd 2: *** KNIT all even numbered rows
Rnd 3: K 14, increase 1 st, k 3, increase 1 st, k 10.
Rnd 5: K 14, increase 1 st, k 5, increase 1 st, k 10.
Rnd 7: K 14, increase 1 st, k7, increase 1 st, k 10.

Remaining thumb
K 14, place those sts on a stitch holder
K 10, place next 11 sts on 2nd stitch holder.
Divide the 10 thumb sts onto your 3 needles (4, 3, 3)
Knit 9 rnds.
K 2 together around (5 sts)
Cut yarn tail 6" long. Using a yarn needle remove the remaining 5 sts and pull to gather.

Hand = about 6" long
Remove sts from stitch holders and divide onto 3 needles. Pick up 2 sts under thumb. (9,9,9)
Add yarn back on
Knit 15 rounds.
Decrease top of mitt by knitting 2 together around.
Cut yarn tail 10" long, tun yarn through stitches left on needles, remove and pull tightly to close.

These mittens, along with warm orphan socks can be mailed to LDS Humanitarian or send to a charity of your choice. Here is the address for LDS Humanitarian who are serving many orphanages and other places in need around the world.
Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center
1665 Bennett Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84104


I hope some of you will attempt these mittens. I redid the counts a couple of times, so hopefully they work right. The blog is a great place to test these patterns don't you think!?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Sandie said...

What wonderful, clear quilting instructions. Though I don't sew, even I might be able to do this!