Saturday, October 13, 2007

Christmas lights in a jar, and our office!

I wanted to share a couple of fun things with you tonight. First of all photos from our new office. This is where we have been most of the week, painting, painting, sanding, painting, adding chair rail, caulking, painting, well you get the picture.

Our son Christopher (above) came down from Salt Lake/Midvale to help us learn to caulk and add chair rail and the place is actually starting to look like an office! Believe me, it didn't a few days ago. The walls were a nasty maroon, peach (sort of) a pink front door, oh yeah and a light, bright blue in the bathroom! EEEEEEKKKK! It was a nightmare. But it is looking like business now baby!

It's been a joyful time working on it. Hard physical work but I love helping Mike get this dream rolling. It means I have barely been crocheting or knitting, but I got that caulking down now.

Photos are left-our son and on the right my hubby - handsome guys!! We still have a lot of work to do... new carpet to be laid, new doors where Mike is standing, more chair rail, after those doors go in, and more caulking, touch up paint, a new light for the 'sink room'. It's the room to the right of Christopher there... it has a sink, and an odd ceramic square floor thing with a bar to hang clothes perhaps? The building was an old hotel from 1933 and it's been apartments for a while now.

Anyhow, that's where our new Farmers Office will be soon, right on Moapa Valley Blvd across the street from McDonalds and next door to Sugars Restaurant! Great location! (if you click on that Farmers link, you'll find recipes on there!)

Can't wait to get our office furniture in there. Mike says, possibly I can have a 'Mitten/slipper Tree' where people can bring in mittens and slippers they make for kids for LDS Humanitarian! We have to see if there will be room for that, but I am praying it works.

Now, for fun... here is a neat present to make for someone, or for you maybe. I have made several of them and they are great! I keep mine on the counter all year long because it smells so good and looks pretty.


1 qt. canning jar, 1 string of 20 lights, 1 bag of potpourri
(or for a larger one - 2 qt jar, 1 string of 50 lights, 1 bag potpouri.) You can also use a 'rose bowl' and 20 lights
1 crocheted doily--8", rubber band and ribbon.
Layer some of the lights inside your jar, then some potpourri, more lights, potpourri etc. Continue layering to the top of the jar. Leave the plug hanging out and add the doily to cover the top. Place a rubber band to secure the doily. Tie a ribbon around the lid.

When you plug it in, the light warm the potpourri and it smells great! ( CAUTION: The jar does get very warm, so do not leave unattended.)


HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE! And keep making those mittens for the orphans! See previous posts for mailing address or go here.

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pj said...

Go Bev! You are an amazing woman. You are MY mother's daughter! She, like you, had a life filled with good works and an immense love for others! I don't know how you do it!