Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crafting Angels- October meeting, more mittens!

I just found my friend Alan Osmond's latest YouTube video and had to share it as it just so perfectly says what I feel in my heart and in my soul! Thank you Alan...

Yesterday was our monthly Crafting Angels meeting! We had so much fun, those of us who showed up. We painted all these beautiful wooden toys that my friends Ruth and Gordon cut out all summer long! There must have been 100 of them, and we painted nearly all of those.

I took my camera but do you think I remembered to actually use it?! No.... :(

I can't believe I didn't snap a photo of us in the gym at Church painting all those toys for LDS Humanitarian.

A few sisters also tied 2 baby quilts and I turned in my 10 pairs of mittens I have finished so far, for LDS Humanitarian. I want to make more though.

The need is so great! I could make 100 pairs and it would barely dent the need.

I was just visiting YARN HARLOTS blog (you ever been there?) this morning and noticed her most recent post had 160 comments on it SO FAR! I about fell off my chair. And that's just the people commenting, let alone how many actually go there! If that many people would come here to Bev's little blog, in her very tiny charity crafting universe; and everyone who visited was inspired to make things for humanitarian causes, can you imagine how much warmer the world would be this winter??? =)
Yes, real 'global warming' ... and of a good nature!

Just a 'strange' thought running through my sleep deprived brain today.


News from the Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City. I wrote to ask if hat and mitten SETS were needed and the answer is that they receive so many hats that they prefer we work on the MITTENS and not both. I am sure any mitten we send in, they will be able to find a close enough matching hat!! So no hats to LDS Humanitarian please. MITTENS!! YES! Send all you can possibly make or buy if you don't knit or crochet at all.

Well, lots to do today - cleaning, laundry and painting 'chair rail' for my hubby's new office we are fixing up!



Mariella said...

Well I definitely do not have Yarn Harlots popularity but I added your blog to my sidebar. Hopefully you will get some more new readers that might take an interest in donating.

Love your mitten pattern!

amruby said...

I am so in need of Aunt B's Boatneck child's sweater but the link is broken. Is this pattern gone for good?

bevq said...

Thanks Mariella- I have added a link to your blog too! It's a terrific one!

And Amruby, I'm sorry - that was my fault, I had typed in the link wrong. It's corrected now. You can find the pattern here:


Chris S. said...

What a wonderful site, I'm so glad I was reading the Harlot's blog today - and the comments - to find you. I've long done charity knitting/crocheting, etc., and was thrilled to see some sewing patterns for slippers and mitts. I'm often able to pick up small pieces of fleece at thrift stores and now I can use every bit. I send my donations to a local Centre that supports homeless, poor, needy of all kinds here in Canada. It's close to my home so I can deliver directly. Thank you for the patterns - I know more kids will get slippers this year since I can sew faster than I can knit!

bevq said...

Hi Chris!
Well, now I know I was inspired to go to Yarn Harlots site today and post a message =) I am thrilled you found me and sounds like you found my website; with all the patterns!

Please do many as many slipper pairs as you can for your local kids there. This just makes my day seeing you here and reading how my patterns will help you make more humanitarian items for your community!


robyn said...

well i for one have you in my google reader, and post about the different collections you do on my site ( although i don't have near the following of the harlot, either! (someday ... wistful sigh).