Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hope all have a safe, and fun Halloween today.

We have 'Trunk or Treat' at the Stake Center tonight, and I volunteered to make one of the 'cake walk' cakes and it looks yummy if I do say so myself! Course, being sensitive to sugar I can't exactly eat it, but I made it so I WOULD want to eat it if I could! Even comes with free cookie cutters that I used to help decorate it.

It's chocolate with halloween M & Ms baked in it, and a few on it, vanilla frosting, cookie cutters, pumpkin gummies, and sprinkles! ALL FUN!

I really had fun making this! I hope the kids didn't want to help this time 'cos I could not resist decorating it all by myself just this once! LOL!!

Remember to use flashlights if you do go out after dark, and kids, let mom or dad check that candy before you eat it ok?


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Whitney said...

The cake looks delicious!!