Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Photos of LDS Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

Every day there is good going on in the world. We sure don't hear much about it on the evening news, since their view is dim and grim... but here are some terrific photos taken by my friend Bev F of the LDS Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City, on Monday.

Proof that the Savior Jesus Christ lives, and loves us, and through others He sometimes blesses us! The Sister Missionaries, Bev and many like her are blessing the lives of thousands as they sort all the items we make and send to the center. Those who make the warm mittens, booties, slippers, blankets, quilts and more are blessing thousands too! And I know personally, as we sit and knit or crochet that service blesses our lives too.

Thank you to every person who has donated handmade items to the center in the last month or so. I am hoping we will continue to bombard them with cozy, warm mittens, socks and other needed items for the orphans.

If you need more info on how you can help CLICK HERE!

PHOTOS FROM GrBev (Thanks Bev!!) of 'Behind the Scenes' at The Humanitarian Center in
Salt Lake City

Here is proof that your mittens reached their destination. Sister missionaries work very hard to get the Orphanage Modules (a wood pallet piled high with boxes of clothing, toys, baby items, blankets, etc.) put together and stored in our annex for shipping around the world.

Orphanage items are sorted by type and size so the orders can be filled. Bins in foreground are unsorted items.

Here is one area that they put outfits(shirt, pants, underpants, booties, socks) together for boxing to go on the orphanage modules.

Ok- we know Halloween is coming and this is just fun for kids!

Halloween Scar Goop

This makes a interesting glob of 'scar' tissue to use for costuming for Halloween, Plays or when ever you need a scar!
1 pkg unflavored gelatin (Knox etc.)
2 TBsp hot water
red food coloring (if needed)
a little baby powder

Mix the gelatin and hot water in a small bowl and stirr till the gelatin thickens. Add the food color to a small amount of the scar goop, if you want the scar to be 'fresh'. Take a small spatula or use your fingertip to apply the 'scar goop' to your skin. Dust with a small amount of babypowder till it resembles skin. ICK!!


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