Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pumpkin hat for babies! How you can help

These are quick and fun to make for your local hospitals.
copyrighted pumkin hatBev's Pumpkin Hat

Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2005, 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Do not post on ANY OTHER WEBSITE!
(Abbreviations: sl st = slip stitch, ch = chain, sc = single crochet, dc = double crochet, tr = triple crochet)

Fits large preemie or small newborn (5-8 lbs)
1 oz Orange 4 ply yarn.
Small amount of green yarn for top.
(I used Red Heart Worsted Weight Yarn)
Size J hook

Hat is made in a rectangle shape and folded in half to stitch side seam

Ch 18

Row 1: Dc in 2nd ch from the hook and in each ch across, ch 2 and turn. (17 dcs)

Rows 2-3: Dc in 2nd dc from hook and in each dc across, (dc through both loops). Ch 2 and turn (17 dcs)

Row 4: Dc in 2nd dc from hook and in each dc across, but this time into back loops only across row so there is a ridge. Ch 2 and turn.

Rows 5 -16 continue in this pattern going in the back loops every 3rd row so they all show on the same side. End off. Sew up side seam. (Always maintain 17 double crochets across row)

Green TOP knob
Using green, add the green yarn at the top edge of orange hat, and sc around tiCopyrighted pumpkin hatll you have 18 scs
Ch 1, and then sc 2 sts together all around hat. Repeat going around and decreasing like this, till you have only 4 sts left. This will become the stem.

Sc around and around the 4 sts for 1" (about 5 rows). End off and tuck in the yarn tail down inside the stem and hat.

Using green yarn, chain 9.
Make 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 slip stitch, 2 dc, 1 sl st, 2 tr.
Sl st in next 2 chains

Go back down the other side of the original chain.
Make 2 sl sts, 2 triple crochet, 1 sl st, 2 dc, then sl st in next, make 2 sc. End off.

Now stitch leaf onto side of hat by the stem.

You can add a few more chains and rows to make these hats large enough to fit just about anyone.

For a 3-6 month baby chain 24 and make 22 rows.
(EDITED UPDATE 2009 - this project is not longer in effect - you may wish to make these for WARMING FAMILIES instead)

A reminder, that if any of you want to help our soldiers, you can do so by sending gently used, or new clothes, blankets etc to our soldier helping with the baby-project here:

It gives them such a good feeling to be able to deliver items to the people there. The weather in Afghanistan will soon we freezing cold, and many refugees will get frostbite, some will die without our help. I know many don't like to hear about war. They don't like that we are 'there', but the fact remains that we are, and our soldiers can do much good while they serve there, helping preserve freedom in this world.

LDS Humanitarian still needs quilts! LOTS of them.

QUILT INFO (from the LDS Humanitarian Site)
  • Quilt sizes: crib (45" by 60"), single (72" by 90"), double (90" by 96").
  • Quilt materials: preshrunk, durable fabrics; acrylic yarn; #10 Knit Cro-sheen crochet thread or a similar thread.
  • Tie with a "square knot" (and it must be a square knot-- right over left and left over right) or what I call the 'Loop-di-loop' stitch - looks like \__ / CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS; make stitches 3–4 inches apart

These are shipped all over the world, including to various disasters in America and Canada. Their shelves in Salt Lake City, at the Humanitarian Aid headquarters are extremely LOW right now.
Please consider making a tied quilt this weekend while GENERAL CONFERENCE is on TV.

On an odder side, last night a Praying Mantis bug flew into our house and Mike gently took it outside and I HAD to take a photo or 3!
Kinda blurry, but I love praying mantis bugs! So here he is!




Anonymous said...

Bev, Hello from Australai!
I love the hat - wish I could crochet but can only knit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev!
I was just thinking of those hats, lol! I made one last year for my darling newborn granddaughter and it was adorable! Now to get busy making them for charity!

Anonymous said...

Bev question on the they have to be tied? Can they not be sewn by machine?

Also do they have to be those sizes...can they be smaller or larger. I have about 8 lap sized quilts and would love to send them...but they are sewn and lap sized ! thanks cyn

bevq said...

Hi Cyn
It is best if you send the sizes they have listed, as they have to go by export regulations for packages they ship overseas.

They need to be at least close to those sizes, but lap sized might be too small. These are not sent to nursing homes, they are sent to areas where there have been disasters, or there is extreme cold and they are used to warm families.

You might want to check a nursing home near you and I imagine they would love to have those lapblankets!

What did you mean by sewed not tied? Hand quilted with machine stitched bindings are fine. Or tied work well.


Anonymous said...

hi bev
question about row 5-16 am i continuing to decrease as each row goes just like row 4 the first stitch in the 2nd dc from the chain or just dc straight across and in the back loops of every third row? if you could pls clarify that would be great :) thanks

bevq said...

You should not be decreasing at all with the hat, because it is a rectangle you are making - you will fold it in half for the hat seam.

If you go into the 2nd st from the hook, you need to make certain you are crocheting into that VERY last stitch at the end of the row too. Always maintain the same number of sts back and forth.

Does that make sense?

Erica said...

Great pattern, Bev!

Beverly said...

I love these pumpkin hats does it come in a knitted pattern?????Thanks you..😃😄😊

bevq said...

WOW!! This is an OLD post! I am amazed you found it :) There are some preemie fruit hats that you could adapt to make pumpkin hats in newborn size. Use larger needles etc.