Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday lessons... and Kirby Heyborne concert ...

Saturday was the Kirby Heyborne concert at the High School here, and it was FUN! He is a great entertainer and his music is just, well, 'soporific', perhaps relaxing is a better word?!
Here is my fave new song that he recently wrote and performed at the concert.

Got lots of photos to share of afterwards too. He is extremely gracious and talks with everyone, and really listens to them too. In case you don't know who he is, Kirby has started in several LDS movies, like The RM, and Singles Ward (1 and 2), Pirates of the Great Salt Lake - which I have yet to see anywhere, but I guess it's out there. The first 2 photos are of me and Kirby and then my daughter Patricia and Kirby.

This is my good knitting buddy Suzy and me, with Kirby, and I was cracking up big time! Not the best photo, but really fun memories of a lovely evening!

There are others but they are of another friends kids with Kirby and I don't have permission to post them on here, so I won't.

YESTERDAY AT CHURCH ~ Last week we had Stake Conference so we started with new years type things this week. We got challenges in Relief Society!

First challenge actually came from the Stake Pres last week-- we were asked to read the Book of Mormon and study it by June 1st-- it's before our next Stake Conference.
This challenge was issued to help us learn more of Christ, and become more Christlike as we read of His works and visit to the Ancient peoples of the Americas. (3 Nephi) You can do this online if you want, or in your own copies at home.

http://scriptures. contents

or listen to them org/mp3/newarchi ve/0,18615, 5249-1,00. html

So cool! Don't you love technology?

We were also challenged at Conference to get our years supply of food, clothing etc and to grow a garden. I went outside today and raked more steer manure into the 'dirt' we have here in the desert-- it's really sand; hard baked crusty sand... takes a ton of prep to get it to grow things, but you CAN grow stuff.

In Relief Society yesterday the RS president challenged us to live on our food storage for ONE
WEEK-- no grocery shopping. You can barter with your neighbors if you need to. So I am trying it. We are supposed to take notes too. The only thing I might run out of is fresh bananas, or milk- but we have powdered milk that needs to be used anyhow. It's all about rotating and using what you have.

We got little booklets called 'Stow it away plan' with things to buy each week to have in our homes and storage.

We are supposed to get these items in addition to regular groceries we buy-- not going into debt to do so, just being intelligent about it and buying what we can.

THe first week was
1st aid supplies like bandaids, calamine lotion,
hydrogen peroxide, matches, etc

2nd Medicine chest- Feminine products even if you are
beyond those years (we might need to share with
neighbors), pepto bismal, cough drops, vicks, tylenol,

3rd week: Detergent, bleach, cleanser, ammonia, etc.
Use coupons from paper. Bottled water... gallon size
or smaller bottles.

4th week, Buy NUTS! Dry roasted keep best. Look for
after Christmas sales.

I might add some of these to my charts I have here:
http://www.bevscoun trycottage. com/prepare/
http://www.bevscoun trycottage. com/prepare/ foodstorage. html

We also received a 'reading program' so we are using Preach My Gospel' along with the scriptures. Here is Preach My Gospel online too - love that painting of Jesus on the cover:
http://tinyurl. com/2tj67q

This week, I will be working on socks for LDS Humanitarian, and for our Humanitarian Booth at the county fair. I think I want to cut out some teddy bears for that too... and sew them hopefully.


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