Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thinking ahead a bit.... Humanitarian Booth...

Good morning!
I am seriously considering... and yes, I likely need therapy, but I am seriously planning and thinking, of setting up the Humanitarian Booth at the Clark County, NV fair which is APRIL 10 - 13, 2008.

Had I been thinking clearly the other day, I would not have turned in all the mittens, socks, dollies, file folder game (the one I got done so far!) etc etc, I had already made for LDS humanitarian at Crafting Angels! So now I am starting all over making mittens, socks, and who knows what before April. I need to email the humanitarian people here and see if any of them have some things to turn in.

All I could think of was those freezing little ones without socks or mittens, or a dolly to hug, and I turned 'em in!

If any of you want to make an item or 2 and mail them to be displayed at the Humanitarian Booth, I would love that! I will then make sure they get to DI and to Humanitarian for you. You can also send preemie items, hats, booties, 15" blankets etc for UMC and I will make sure they get there too.

<--- county fair humanitarian booth 2007

Here is a list of items I would like to display:
Children's mittens

Socks and slippers

kids pajamas
handmade underwear/boxers etc for little ones
Little girls dresses
Boys t-shirts or pants

File folder games

Bright colored Wall-hangings for the orphanages (18" square to about 36" square)
Crib quilts 45" x 60"
baby and children's sweaters

LDS humanitarian ~ school kits, hygiene kits and newborn kits

quiet books- fabric

newborn booties

teddy bears, stuffed animals, puppets and tanned dolls

And then preemie items for UMC hospital in Vegas
Preemie hats and booties, and burial gowns and pouches

I need to get hold of the lady in charge of that area of the fair to see if I can do a booth this year. The Fine Arts area is usually in desperate need of booths though so I don't think that will be a problem. =) Getting a committee here to help might be however, but I have a couple of friends who are always there for me!! How blessed am I?

Anyhow... if you want to donate something to be displayed (not judged or anything - just displayed) please mail it to me by April 1st.

Bev Qualheim
PO Box 427
Logandale NV 89021-0427

If by any strange turn of events I don't get a booth this year, then I will still make sure they get where needed.

As always there are lots of patterns for all of these on my website Bev's Country Cottage



Anonymous said...

Bev, I will be happy to make some things to send to you! :) I'll be sending you some newborn booties, and preemie hats and booties. And if I can "master" making the teddy bears, will send a couple of those, as well.


Tracy-Jayne said...

Hi Bev

I am new to charity crafting and I am feeling so blessed to be part of the bigger, global picture when it comes to each doing our part to make a difference in this way.

I live in South Africa but will be posting a knitted jersey (I think you call them sweaters) for a small child to be part of the booth. Your website was the first to influence me to using my yarn obsession for charity so its my way of giving back.

I'm busy working on a few things for the Baby Pack Project at the moment but will have those wrapped up by the end of next week, so the jersey should be in the mail to you by the end of January.

Anonymous said...

Bev, I have some mittens and a teddy bear already made and will send them by the end of the month. Thanks for including us all in this project! Maybe I can get some socks and booties done by then as well. Shelly

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev -- I've got some baby socks knitted up for your booth, and am sending some school supplies for inclusion in the school kits. Since you plan to make 100 pairs of mittens in 2008, we picked up and enclosed for you a copy of this month's PIECEWORK, it's annual knitting issue this year focuses on MITTENS - great timing! In the near future, I will also be sending you a second parcel with knitted mittens and more baby socks. I'd really like to knit a baby sweater, too, but we'll see...

TrailerNV said...

I have a stash of preemie items, sweaters, rompers, burial items, etc that I haven't taken to the neo-natal unit here in Reno yet. I would be glad to send them to you for your booth. I will monitor the blog to make sure you still need them and send towards the end of March. My way of thanking you for the wonderful site.

Allie said...

Bev, hi again, please be careful when you open up the small priority box I sent off today. Just as I went out the door, I realized that one of the rulers was poking a tiny hole through the front side of the box, so I secured it with several layers of duct tape - Sorry, I didn't have time to repackage it, and I want you to get your copy of Piecework which has several interesting articles about mittens. I'm unable to locate "one-hole" pencil sharpeners aound here, so just sent one of the small non-elaborate 2-hole sharpeners. I didn't include any booties or hat for the sweater - before I washed it, it looked big enough for a large 2 year old, but the washer & dryer have tightened it up a bit, it's made from that Pound of Love yarn, and I didn't realize that it would change at all in the wash. Anyway, let me know if you think its small enough now that you'd like booties & a cap. It's the so-called allegedly "5-hour Baby Boy Sweater." Initially it was quite large & very stretchy.