Friday, February 01, 2008

Weekend project to honor President Hinckley

I've been super quiet this week, down with the flu. I am slowly healing thanks to my son giving me a Priesthood blessing. I also managed to wash my cell phone in the washing machine on Monday-- ever have one of those weeks?! Cell phones don't survive that real well let me tell you. So I lost everyone's phone numbers. My hubby Mike, had my cell phone info switched over to his really old cell phone that was just sitting on the counter, so I am all set again, except for phone numbers.

I wanted to tell you about a weekend project I am doing and I would love some of you to join me if you wish.
To honor President Hinckley, the great humanitarian man that he is/was I am making dolls, and bears to give to LDS Humanitarian Aid.

I am starting today (Friday) and going through Monday actually, so long weekend project.

The reason I chose this was because several months ago at the Humanitarian Center in St Geroge, UT, I was told that Humanitarian Aid needed lots of bears, dolls, stuffed animals, to include in the gently used clothing modules that are sent out. President Hinckley had asked the workers to include dolls, bears etc in those modules so when the people in need of clothing take out clothing, bears and dolls and other stuffed animals will fly out too! He wanted the children to have a toy too.

I have lots of usable, easy toys patterns on this page

I have made one loomed dolly so far:

and plan to do more, plus these bears with a vest

Hope some of you will grab those looms and hooks and help out too. I will be bringing these to Women's Conference in May!


Anonymous said...

I found this website with many patterns for stuffed animals etc. that you may find interesting. You have to scroll down the page a bit.

bevq said...

Those are some great links-- thanks!

allie said...

On the BYU Continuing Ed website, last week I did quite a few searches, and it was so interesting, how many times I read that simple toys are such desirable donations, as the distributors of the school hygiene kits really like to hand toys to the youngsters at the same time. Last week I made one of the "Teeny" versions of the Bear-Pairs pattern, and I've knitted two balls to send along to you, too. After I finished the balls, I re-read the article at BYU, and... hmm, they were discussing making Stuffed Balls out of fabric scraps, I'd misunderstood, so I knit up a couple. They are really FUN to knit, it's all short rows for the shaping, it's almost like modular knitting. You once mentioned that if you had time, you were, I think, going to "cut out some bears," -- I hope you share pics about this. Sorry to hear you've been ill, I thought maybe your absence was due to the funeral, that maybe you were going to SLC.

Susan said...

Hi Bev!
I want to knit your pattern, Bev's Baby Seed Cap, but I do not see the size needles I need to use on the pattern. HELP!

bevq said...

Hi Susan
It's size 3 needles I had to make changes to that pattern because someone on a foreign site was stealing my patterns and bandwidth by linking to my patterns.

I removed that needle size in the process... I have added it back now. Sorry about that.