Thursday, April 24, 2008

Updating-- and 3d ultrasound of grandbaby William!!

Updating comes slowly sometimes...

I keep really busy at home here with being a mom, making meals, cleaning, working on my website- which includes answering many, many questions, and the bloggin' is a bit slow on those days, so I apologize.

Let's see, what have I been up to? I will tell you with photos:

Here we have our booth at the Clark County Fair... these school kids did a fabulous job of tying the baby quilt we had up. The booth at the fair went over really well and we had hundreds of visitors coming to look at everything - many people took patterns, bevscountrycottage -card-, info on LDS Humanitarian, and they asked a ton of questions! So many people wanted to buy the items displayed that we had to post signs telling people NOTHING was for sale, it was all for Humanitarian. Some people were not too happy about that too! Oh well...

Also, I have been cutting out hundreds of 5" squares of fabric to make quilts.
I am currently tying a quilt for our family to use for picnics etc. That's the one you see here in the photo. Also, made one last week for my 6-7 yr olds at Church to tie and they did a great job! It is a crib sized quilt that will be donated to LDS Humanitarian.

Since the kids in my class are just 6 and 7's they are not yet baptized, but they are learning about how to follow Jesus and be baptized as He was, by immersion, by someone who had the Authority to do it.

Part of being baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are the following promises we make with Heavenly Father:

Mosiah 18:7–17.)

Alma taught that when we are baptized we make covenants with the Lord to—

  • 1. Come into the fold of God.

  • 2. Bear one another’s burdens.

  • 3. Stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all places.

  • 4. Serve God and keep his commandments.

When we are baptized and keep the covenants of baptism, the Lord promises to—

  • 1. Forgive our sins.

  • 2. Pour out his Spirit more abundantly upon us.

  • 3. Give us daily guidance and the help of the Holy Ghost.

  • 4. Let us come forth in the First Resurrection.

  • 5. Give us eternal life.

SEE #2 there--- "Bear One Another Burdens" - that means loving one another and caring for one another. I taught them that there are babies who are born who don't have any blankets to be wrapped in. They were truly surprised and could not wait to get that entire quilt tied. We finished it and I brought it home to edge it. They did such a good job!

Been doing laundry... and I love to hang it on the clotheslines-- nothing like fresh laundry in the sunshine!

I also bought the deal of the century today! I bought an old fashioned handmade qooden quilting frame! Here you can see the tops of the boards as I am painging them. They have material strips down their lengths.

It's huge. big enough to tie a king sized quilt but I am going to get some smaller boards and make smaller quilts most of the time. It came with everything-- boards, stands, big push- pins, clamps etc etc. I have it outside right now and am repainting the boards. The whole shee-bang cost $15!

I am so excited as I have always wanted some wooden quilting frames. I am just borrowing a PVC quilt frame right now, which is great for small quilts but not so good for larger ones. It might fit in my 'dining room'-- it actually is an empty part of the living room/kitchen area.

I have also been gardening- although this year is NOT my year for produce! But I did get my lavender, mint and cilantro to grow ok. See photo!

I've been working on knitting a feather and fan blanket for my little William (grandbaby 2 be) for his blessing and for a light summer covering. (See the photo to the left??? It's a 3-D ultrasound photo of William!! Can you believe it? Look at his little fist, and nose, and he is rubbing his eye! I just love him so much already and I have not even met him.)

Don't have a photo of that the blanket yet as it have only knitted about 6" of it, but here is the pattern.

I'll get a photo posted on that page as soon as I have knitted enough. I am knitting it in Simply Soft Baby Yarn.

I will soon be working part time away from home too, as the 'Seminary/Institute' "secretary"-- that's not the official title which eludes me right now! That starts with 2 weeks of training May 19th and I am really excited about it! What a dream job to work helping with the LDS seminary and institute programs.

We have our Disneyland trip planned out too for the girls and Mike and I-- we're heading there for my 50th birthday mid July. And... Patti and I our 'road-trip' to BYU Women's Conference next week already! Can't wait to go to that. It's 2 days of humanitarian crafting while you hear amazing uplifting talks given on so many topics I cannot decide which ones I want to attend.

And finally, my family and I have been keeping track of American Idol and still supporting David Archuleta - he really has a lovely voice. Go David!

Well, I am off to finish painting my quilt boards and stand pieces.

Love and HUG the ones you love!



Anonymous said...

Hi Bev! Thanks for sharing all the photos! Wow! You've been pretty busy lately. The girls look like they really enjoyed tying the quilt. That was an awesome deal on the wooden quilt frame...$15 for everything! Nice garden. And the photo of William! That is sooooo cool! It's amazing, the technology we have nowadays. Who would have thought back when we were all kids that we would actually, one day, be able to see what the baby looks like? Thanks for sharing! BTW, I'm in your Charity Challenge Group. :)


Anonymous said...

Bev you're back...we have missed you ! Your blog today was great and I loved the photo of baby William (as a grandma myself of 4 - you do love those blessings from God) The photo of the quilts was great also...and actually encouraged me. My quilts are always made from 5" squares and in misc material. I have often felt bad that my quilts are not exotic because I have no fancy pattern...but today I saw that the lady I look up to as a mentor..also quilts what I call scrap quilts :o) Good luck on your new job and until we hear from you again, May God Bless You and Yours.....Cyn from Florida

Teresa said...

Hi Bev,
Where did you set your pattern page wtih the links up at? I wrote you there to ask if you would mind if I linked off to your website on squidoo. You can contact me at I know that I have trouble finding people when leave comments on my blogspot so that is why I am leaving my e-mail. Thank you, Teresa

bevq said...

Hi Teresa
I am not sure which pattern page with links you mean as I have over 900 pages on my website?

Perhaps that's what you mean?
I'll email you too.

Bev =)

bevq said...

By the way, you can link off your website to either my blog or to my

or to any of my pattern pages on there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev,

I am walking this year for "Relay For Life". I am a four year cancer survivor. I have started to make some of your slumber angel chemo caps to donate to oncology centers and attach some of your wonderful angel tags. I wanted to make sure this was not against your policy?

You have such wonderful ideas for fund raising. I wanted to run this by you. Do you think it would be beneficial to sell loom/yarn kits at the Relay and give instuctions for the chemo caps or scarfs ~ proceeds would go to the Relay?

Please get back to me at

bevq said...

Yes, you may sell any of my Pink Ribbon items made from those patterns, including the chemo slumber caps.

And those kits sound like a great idea-- yes, do include the slumber caps pattern. Please do not include any other loomed or other patterns in the kits you sell though.