Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm back! LDS Women's Conference

Women's Conference up in Provo, Utah was fabulous. My daughter Patti and I had a fun, fun time together, just sharing those good mother-daughter moments. We shopped for most of Wednesday last week.

I got a 'Book of Remembrance' from Deseret Book, to place my Family History in, and photos of family, other good things to pass on to posterity. I am going to add some recipes to my book too, as we have some special ones.

Ok- this first photo is my view of the closing session of Women's Conference. President Thomas S. Monson was the closing speaker, and of course did an awesome job. His real life Primary Teacher story made me want to be the best Primary teacher I can possibly be. We never know how our actions will teach a valuable life lesson, like using long-saved money for a party, to help out a boy whose mother had just died. Beautiful talk.

Now- some photos of the Humanitarian displays they had in the Wilkinson Center; you can see a few of the items for orphanages; I had to take a photo of the 'sign' (QUILT!) they had with

They showed a map with pins in it with all the countries who were helped by LDS Humanitarian last year, but I just could not get the angle right and show these pictures of the people who were helped. I went for the people images, as that's what it's all about-- helping the ONE.

One of those images is of LDS doctors teaching people how to do infant resuscitation to save thousands of lives.

If you click on these photos you will see a larger image and will be able to read the writing on the white boards there on the last photo.

It also shows a bright colored wall-hanging --- something needed for the walls of the orphanages, to help develop babies' brains.

Well, I am tired, still recovering from several days of midnight bedtimes!

So... keep those needles clicking and crochet hooks flying. There are people waiting for what you are making.



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