Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day happenings at the Qualheims

First of all, I want to remind everyone to not only remember our brave soldiers who have fought and those who have died to keep this country free, but to remember in pray every single day, those troops who are currently serving helping keep us safe from those who would seek to harm us. May God always protect and watch over each and every one of them.

Memorial Day has been fun at the Qualheims.

My daughter used to 'nanny' the cutest kids - they came over today and we kind of had a 'pioneer day' with them! They learned to tie a quilt for children in need, and to grind wheat with my hand grinder, then bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch, and pick apricots off our trees. We had fun! I miss having little kids around actually.

If you want to crochet something for charity, please make one of these for a charity of your choice. They will be needed this fall and winter for sure.

They can be made in boys or girls colors and will keep so many babies warm, maybe even save lives this year.


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